1 Frequent Liars Belong to Satan

Ke Nan    Pingdingshan City, Henan Province

In the man’s fellowship attached to Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers, it is said: “All people, after being corrupted by satan, have become the ones who are full of lies. Corrupt human beings lie about everything, and even none of their words is not mixed with a lie. They have all become experts in telling lies and master-hands in making up lies. It is very difficult to decide which of their words is true and which is false.” After reading these words, doctrinally we admit that there are too many lies in us, but in our heart we treat this matter as of no account. We are neither concerned nor worried about it but ignore it; and even though we lie, we have no fear, and much less do we pay attention to repentance and change. We can manifest such a state mainly because we do not realize that in essence frequent liars belong to satan, and also because we do not know God’s attitude toward frequent liars and their outcomes.

In the following paragraphs we will first talk about why we say that frequent liars belong to satan.

In the man’s fellowship, it says: “They can cheat God unscrupulously and unbridledly even before God…. How can such people be the ones who are of God? Only satan the devil dares to cheat God brazenly before God.” From these words we see that only satan the devil tells lies, and only it dares to cheat God. Now we can often tell lies and practice deceit; this proves that we have the same substance as satan and we are the ones who resist and betray God and the ones who belong to satan, which is a true fact that no one can deny. We all know that in the beginning when the ancestors of mankind were in the Garden of Eden, satan used the serpent to deceive and cheat them by its lies. At that time, God commanded Adam and Eve, saying that they were free to eat from any tree in the garden, but they must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when they ate of it they would surely die. But the serpent deceived Eve, saying that when she ate of it she would not surely die but instead her eyes would be opened and she would be like God, knowing good and evil. Thus, it beguiled mankind into betraying God. From then on, with the passage of time, satan’s various lies, evil teachings, and fallacies arose in increasing numbers, and they influenced and poisoned people, causing them to become more and more corrupt that they have all become devils and the embodiments of satan and had the same attributes as satan.

As mankind lived and multiplied from generation to generation, satan the devil invented numberless overt evil teachings and fallacies to deceive and corrupt them in order to permanently rule over and control them. These teachings and fallacies include the theories of evolution, atheism, and materialism, and all kinds of other doctrines and philosophical theories formulated by the giants and the famous people of the nations through the ages; the traditional cultures of every nation; the thoughts and teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism; etc. All these are distortions of the facts, are lies, and are foul means by which satan deceives, cheats, and corrupts people. It is by using these evil teachings and fallacies that satan has fooled people so much that they have all become fox-headed and horse-faced demons in Hades, and become its puppets, spokesmen, and expressers. Particularly in the dwelling place of the great red dragon, the country where the great dragon rules, lying and cheating and disguising even more prevail; no one dares to face reality or wants to speak honestly and truthfully, but everyone practices falsehood and disguise habitually; and darkness and evil lurk in every corner. In this land, where evil spirits run amuck, it is obvious that the devil spares no efforts to suppress God’s arrival, people will be arrested and persecuted if they believe in the true God, and they are all living under the dictatorial rule, being enslaved, oppressed, and deprived of their human rights and liberties. However, the great red dragon shamelessly claims that China is a liberal and democratic country, and that its citizens enjoy their legal rights and interests for freedom of religious beliefs. It is obvious that the standards of social conduct have become worse and worse, morals have decayed, and its people are extremely evil. However, the great red dragon says that China is a land of courtesy and propriety, which stresses on morals and decorum. It is obvious that the great red dragon plays the tyrant and sits on the backs of the people domineering over them. However, it asserts loudly that the people are the masters of their own country and that the position of the people in this socialist country is high. It is obvious that every official of the great red dragon abuses his power for personal gains, grabs and plunders by cajolery and coercion, embezzles money and accepts bribes, and is reckless with greed. However, they have the cheek to declare and claim that they are the servants of the people, honest in performing their official duties and free from corruption and bribery. It is obvious that the country of the great red dragon is poor and backward, and its people in most areas have no means of livelihood and their voices of grievances are heard everywhere. However, the great red dragon says that its country is rich, strong, and prosperous, and that its people live happy and enjoy good health. It is obvious that the great red dragon’s regime is crisis-ridden, strong in appearance but weak in reality, and like a ramshackle air castle. However, it claims that the whole social situation is stable, its country is in the heyday of peace, and its international position has been markedly improved. It is obvious that in the country of the great red dragon the social morals are lost, every social stratum is in a state of chaos, and the people intrigue and fight against one another. However, the great red dragon asserts that the society is harmonious and all the people are of one mind. … From these facts we can see that in essence the great red dragon is evil and sordid and most good at lying and cheating, and that it deceives, hoodwinks, and corrupts people by all kinds of lies and fallacies in order to make them all follow and worship it but resist and reject the true God.

During several thousand years of being corrupted by satan, mankind have been continuously influenced and harmed by the poisons of the great red dragon, and they have unconsciously believed and accepted satan’s various kinds of fallacies and lies. As a result, their thoughts and viewpoints, lifestyles, and principles of living have all become absurd and backward. Lying and cheating have become the foundation for their existence, falsehood and disguise have become their most effective methods for getting profits from others while getting along with them, and they have completely become the ones who live on lies and deceits like satan. Although we, who are experiencing God’s end-time work, have seen the truth and known that we should speak honestly, nevertheless, driven by our satanic nature, we still lie to God without scruple in his presence. For example, we, while believing in God, leave our families, give up our careers, and offer up our youth or life obviously in order to gain blessings, avoid disasters, and rise head and shoulders above others; but we say repeatedly that we expend ourselves for God and dedicate our youth or life to God. It is obvious that we believe in God in order to seek our personal interests and we suffer in order to achieve our own intents and purposes, but we brag unblushingly that we suffer for the sake of carrying out God’s will and loving God. It is obvious that in doing the work we are exalting ourselves and testifying ourselves, contending with God for his chosen people, but we always say that we are serving God and testifying God. Clearly, it is because of the revelation and leading of the Holy Spirit that we have achieved some results in our work, but we unreasonably claim all the credit for ourselves. In doing the work committed by God’s family, it is obvious that we are too concerned for our flesh and do not want to suffer and pay a price to do them properly, but we say repeatedly that God’s requirements are too high and God is too demanding of us. Clearly, all the works God does are for the purpose of saving us and perfecting us, but against our conscience we say that God is tormenting and cheating us, and exposing and eliminating us. It is obvious that all our sufferings are brought about by satan and it is satan that has afflicted us to this day, but we unfairly impute all satan’s wickedness to God and say that all our sufferings result from believing in God. And so on. When we perform our duties or have contact with others, we are also full of lies and deceit. For example, during our coordination with others, sometimes we have prejudices against them and dislike them so that we cannot get along with them. But when they perceive it and ask us whether we have any critical view of them, we answer dishonestly, “No, I do not have.” When others point out our defects, we contradict them in our heart and do not want to admit them, but we say with our mouth insincerely, “I truly thank God for this. If you did not point them out, I would not realize them.” After having been dismissed from our positions as leaders, we are full of complaints and resistance inwardly, living by right and wrong and in a wrong state. However, to others’ faces, we pretend that we have known ourselves, saying, “God is righteous. Everything God does is good, and he can never do anything wrong. I was dismissed because I was too rebellious.” In receiving the commissions given by God’s family, we always have our own choice. When the commission is not to our liking, we think that God’s family stifles such talents as us, and that we are wasted in this commission. But, in order to conceal our arrogance and unreasonableness, we pretend to be obedient, saying, “I am with poor qualities, and it is God’s uplifting that God’s family assigns me to perform any duty. I am willing to obey.” When we are put in charge of the church life, we do not pay attention to leading and teaching the brothers and sisters to eat and drink God’s word in the meetings, but always lead the meetings perfunctorily and deceitfully, going through the motions. As a result, most of the brothers and sisters do not know how to eat and drink God’s word, even less know how to check themselves with God’s word. The meetings have become rituals, and we have them in a way of observing regulations and cannot achieve the desired results at all. But when our leaders come to check up on our work and find out this problem, we justify ourselves, saying that we have fellowshipped about what we ought to and said what we should, and that the problem results from the brothers’ and sisters’ being with poor qualities and not pursuing. When our leaders ask us about some person’s state, we actually know it, but we say we do not know much about it for fear that we may offend that person or that we will be held accountable for whatever may happen later on. When reporting on our work, we only talk about the good part of it and even exaggerate it, but cover up the bad part as far as possible; if we fail to cover it up in spite of our great efforts, we just mention it in passing, like a dragonfly skimming the water surface. And so on. All in all, whether in God’s presence or in our contact with others, in our performing duties or in our daily life, we are always unconsciously lying and cheating, even to the extent that we lie about anything, lie at any time and in any situation, and lie the minute we open our mouth. We may say that telling lies has become our natural expression and our basic principle of living. We do not need to be taught or forced by anyone, but we can very naturally tell different lies under different circumstances the minute we open our mouth, and we can also very naturally tell different lies when meeting different people; if our lies are exposed, we will even try to conceal them and deny them, and concoct higher-sounding excuses to disguise and smarten up ourselves. This is why we say that we have become the devil’s people who belong to satan, and become experts in telling lies and master-hands in making up lies.

From the above examples, we can see that as satan cheats and deceives people, so also do we cheat God and cheat people. As satan disguises itself and gives people a misguided impression of it, so also do we disguise ourselves and conceal the true facts. As the great red dragon makes up lies to blow its own trumpet shamelessly, so also do we exaggerate and boast of ourselves shamelessly. The great red dragon often distorts the facts and calls white black and black white; likewise, we always confound right and wrong and confuse truth and falsehood. The great red dragon does its utmost to cover up the true facts, being very much afraid that its dark side will be laid bare; likewise, we try our best to cover up the true facts for fear that our disgraceful, ignominious, and discreditable ugly deeds will be exposed. The great red dragon reports only the good news but not the bad, and it gives wide publicity to the things that can be put as feathers in its cap, but does not say a single word about the things to its disadvantage or tarnishing its image. Likewise, in order to preserve our fame, interests, positions, vanity, and faces, we report only what is good while withholding what is unpleasant. The most despicable characteristic of the great red dragon is that it itself does not speak truthfully, nor does it allow others to do so. Likewise, our most noticeable characteristic is that we do not want to speak truthfully, nor do we like others to do so, and even less do we like to accept God’s words of judging and exposing our real condition. Obviously, we have already been assimilated and occupied by satan; our substance is exactly the same as that of satan the devil, and there is no difference between them. So it is no exaggeration to say that we are the ones belonging to satan.

The main reason why we can often lie and cheat is that we have been corrupted by satan so deeply that crookedness and craftiness have become our second nature and we have altogether become the ones who belong to satan. And another reason is that we do not know God’s attitude toward liars and the outcome of liars. Actually, God hates frequent liars to the utmost, and he has long since determined the outcome of such people. Let us read some words of God concerning this respect.

God says: “He lies blatantly. I tell you! This kind of person will be driven out from my family from now on. He is unworthy to serve me in my family. I loathe him because what he does is blasphemy against me! ‘Blasphemy against me is an unforgivable sin.’ Whom is this word directed at? Are you clear about it? This person has committed such a sin, but he still does not think that the matter is so serious. He is really a stupid person, who is blind and ignorant and whose spirit is blocked!

The things people cannot discern are all laid bare before me, and they cannot be kept hidden at all. Maybe you can hoodwink a few people and win many people’s trust, but it is not so easy for you to do so before me, and you cannot escape my judgment eventually.Who dare be unfaithful and unfilial to me! Who dare not tell me the truth but a pack of lies! None of them can escape from my hand of wrath.

I won’t allow any created being to deceive me. Do you think you can make demands of me as you wish and tell lies to me at will? Do you think I have never heard or seen your words and deeds? How can your words and deeds not be seen by my eyes? How can I allow you to deceive me like this?

Those crafty people who act one way to others’ faces and another behind their backs are all ones who are not willing to be perfected and are all sons of perdition or sons of destruction, and they belong to satan, not to God. The ones chosen by God are not such people!

From God’s majestic and wrathful words, we can see that God extremely dislikes and loathes liars, even to the point that he cannot tolerate them. Frequent lairs belong to satan, and they are the ones who do not have themselves searched by God and who dare to tempt God and blaspheme God. Such ones are definitely the sons of perdition and the objects to be punished and cursed by God! Through the ages, there were so many people who lied to God and were thus punished by God. Judas was one among them. Before the Lord Jesus came, Judas often lied to the brothers and sisters. After the Lord Jesus came, he still did not repent. He always stole the money of the Lord and often lied to people and to God. Finally, he betrayed the Lord Jesus because of this, and he was thus cursed by God—He died with his body bursting open. Take Ananias and his wife for another example. This couple kept for themselves some of the money they received for the land, but they lied and told the apostles that they brought all the money to them. As a result, they were struck down by God because of lying to the Holy Spirit—they fell down and died then and there. Besides the many cases in the past ages, today there are also many people around us who have been punished and disciplined by God because of lying to God. Take a sister for example. She took an oath before God, saying that she would never again plan to get married, and that if she did, may God curse her and send upon her the disasters that had seldom been seen for six thousand years. But after that, she cast her oath aside and again planed in her heart: “If the gospel work doesn’t end this year, I will get married next year.” And secretly, she even started to look for a boyfriend to marry. Because of this, she performed her duty absent-mindedly, perfunctorily, and deceitfully. Finally, she was arrested by the great red dragon while performing her duty. She was beaten up in a police station for nearly four hours, and later, she escaped from there while the police were off guard. However, on the way back, she fell into a ditch, and she was seized with unbearable abdominal pain. After she was sent to hospital, due to the doctor’s wrong diagnosis, they performed an operation on her, only to find that her bladder ruptured; but a very long cut had already been mistakenly made in her abdomen.She lived in great torment in the hospital, feeling that it was better to die than to live. She really regretted having lied to God. For another example, someone, in order not to fall behind others and lose his place in his leader’s heart, lied about the number of the people who newly accepted the gospel, and he even trusted to luck and thought that it was not a serious matter to lie about that. However, the Holy Spirit does not let off anyone who cheats God. So, he unconsciously lost the working of the Holy Spirit and lived in darkness, and his work results declined sharply. We ourselves also have more or less tasted the bitterness of being chastened and disciplined by God for lying to God. After we lied to God for the sake of our vanity and faces, or fame and positions, we had no word to pray before God, could not receive enlightenment when eating and drinking God’s word, felt depressed in our spirit, had no peace in our heart, and felt doubly condemned and rebuked in our conscience. We lived in God’s chastisement, and besides, in our work we not only achieved no results but also ran into snags and were foiled everywhere. From this we can clearly see that if we lie to God, there will be God’s majesty and wrath coming upon us, and there will be severe smiting and discipline accompanying us. If we refuse to repent and change, eventually we will end up like Judas.

If we want to put away lying, above all, we need to pursue the truth. We need to spend more effort on the words through which God judges and exposes man’s crafty nature, know from the words our crafty nature of lying and its various kinds of displays, and see through and hate them. Secondly, we need to know God’s attitude toward liars and the outcome of liars. Knowing these can impel us to forsake our flesh and enter into the truths concerning being an honest person. Thirdly, we need to have ourselves searched by God in everything. Whether it be our daily living, our praying, our fellow shipping in the meetings, our reporting on our work, or our reporting on the situations, we should present them all before God. By practicing this, we will be able to restrain ourselves, and will not dare to follow our own will and say whatever we want to say, even less dare to make up lies in order to achieve our own ends. Fourthly, we need to consciously exercise to speak truthfully and honestly at ordinary times—call one one, two two, and not speak exaggeratedly or under statedly or with mixtures. And we also need to treat our every untrue word seriously and need to declare and correct it without delay. If we can persistently pursue to enter in and be strict with ourselves according to the above ways, our conduct of lying will be gradually changed.

May God lead us on, so that we can know that frequent liars are essentially Satan the devil and see clearly the consequence and seriousness of lying frequently, and so that we can enter in according to the ways to be an honest person, stop telling lies soon, and become the honest people whom God is pleased with.

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