106 A Transformation in Disposition Mainly Refers to a Transformation in Nature

1. A transformation in disposition mainly refers to a transformation in your nature. Nature is not something you can see from outside behaviors; nature directly involves the worth and significance of people’s existence. It directly involves the values of human life, the things deep within the soul, and the essence of people.

2. If people couldn’t accept the truth, then they would have no transformations in these aspects. Only if those who experience God’s work have fully entered into the truth, changed their values and their outlooks on existence and life, become of the same views as God, and become capable of completely submitting and devoting themselves to God can their dispositions be said to have changed.

3. Regardless of when and regardless of how people, matters, or things change around you, and regardless of how the world may be turned upside down, if you are guided by the truth, the truth has taken root within you, and God’s words guide your life, guide your likes, and guide your experience and existence, then you will have truly transformed. If God’s words guide your experience and existence, then you will have truly transformed.

from “What You Should Know About Transforming Your Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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