107 Only if You Truly and Thoroughly Understand God’s Work Can You Experience More Deeply

1. As an individual in this stream, each person should know what the purpose of God’s entire management plan is, the facts that God has already fulfilled, why God has chosen this group of people, what its goals and significance are, and what God wants to achieve in this group. In the land of the great red dragon, God has been able to raise such a group of inconspicuous people, and He has continued to work until now, trying and perfecting them in all sorts of ways, speaking countless words, performing much work and sending so many serving objects.

2. From God accomplishing such enormous work, it can be seen that the significance of God’s work is so great. You cannot yet see into it entirely. Therefore, do not treat the work that God has done on you as a simple matter; this is not a small thing. Just what God has shown you today is enough for you to ponder and understand. Only if you truly and thoroughly understand it can you experience more deeply and make progress in your life, make progress in your life. What people understand and are doing right now is really too little and cannot fully satisfy God’s intentions. This is the insufficiency of man and the failure to fulfill their duty. This is why the results that should have been achieved have not been. This is why the results that should have been achieved have not been.

from “Focus More on Reality” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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