115 To Practice Loving God Allows of No Delay


Please be careful and don’t be careless; are you clear about practicing loving God?

Have you really rebelled against the old self? Do you still have a lot of self-importance and self-rightness?

How many impurities are there still in your love?

How much single love and pure love and sincere love have you returned to God?

You should ask yourself.


Dear brothers, don’t be foolish anymore; to practice loving God is most important.

Dear sisters, don’t be hesitant anymore; to drop the old self is extremely urgent.


Fearing God may leave, you follow; death being imminent, you seek the living way.

Having no other choice, you love God; following the crowd, you are not satisfying God.

To love God, love practically; to love, love sincerely.

To hanker after enjoyments is most hated by God; to truly love, pay any price,

Otherwise it will be in vain.


Obeying God’s word is loving God; praying and drawing near is especially important.

Plead earnestly and never lie, lest you be a laughingstock to Satan.

Just tell God whatever difficulties you have;

God will help you however many are the difficulties and dangers; open your heart and let God walk in,

And you will break away from the bondage of the influence of darkness.


Make a resolution to satisfy our God, try our best to do whatever God requires,

Never treat it perfunctorily or delay anymore, and be resolved to walk the path of loving God.

The hatred for Satan fills our heart; who can understand?

Who can taste? Rebel against the old self to shame the old Satan;

Love God without a change of heart and be faithful unto death.


To repay God’s love we are duty-bound; God is waiting and let’s catch up quickly.

Exert all our heart and strength with our conscience void of offense, and this is best requiting God’s love.

To testify for God is our duty,

To suffer for God is right and proper, to live out God’s love is God’s purpose.

Have God’s will fulfilled and our heart will be happy.


Dear brothers, our God is calling, letting us enjoy the blessings of loving God.

Dear sisters, run forward quickly; loving God is a bright highway.

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