117. No Matter Whether I Receive Blessings or Suffer Adversities, I Will Resolutely Follow Almighty God

Wei Junxiu

Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province

I turned to the Lord through grace in 1987. After turning to the Lord, I pursued very hard. I, together with some brothers and sisters who loved the Lord, often went to various places to preach the gospel, served the Lord zealously, and also attended various kinds of training. We all pursued to suffer for the Lord and be martyred for the Lord. I also once made a resolution before the Lord: I will put my everything on the altar to be burned and will serve the Lord all my life. Later, I became a key co-worker in “the Old Local Church,” and the scope of my work was Heilongjiang Province. And later, it extended to Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, and other places.

In 1992, I came into contact with some brothers from the south (Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province). Through their fellowship about the church history and the development of the Chinese churches, I knew that Brother Lee was also a man used by the Lord and knew the experience of Brother Lee and Brother Nee in old China. My misunderstandings about Brother Lee were cleared up, and I accepted his leading and turned to “the Local Church” from “the Old Local Church.” To pursue to be an overcomer, I devoted all my time to the Lord’s recovery. At that time, many people followed the stream of the Holy Spirit, and in the Local Church, I became one of the key co-workers who sustained the churches in the south and the north.

In 1997, Brother Lee passed away. I was especially grieved and also felt that the future was altogether uncertain. “What will the future of the Local Church be like? Whom will God raise up? Brother Lee was one greatly used by God. Even such a person could not be taken up alive, so what about me? Since the overcomers will be produced in the Lord’s recovery, what kind of people can become the overcomers and be taken up alive?” I was at a loss. Later, the Local Church said this: “The blended brothers (the international co-workers and elders) have held seven conferences in a year and sorted out the books written by Brother Nee and Brother Lee during their many years of serving the Lord into messages, which have been distributed to every domestic and foreign church. As long as one reads these messages, he will have the way to overcome.” But in fact, all these messages were old wine in a new bottle. Their contents were the same as those of the former ones, nothing more than strengthening, strengthening, further strengthening, and crystallizing, crystallizing, further crystallizing. They only made people know some letters and doctrines and learn some new terms and famous verses, yet they could in no way bring people enjoyment, had no supply of life, and even less had an effect on their transformation and conformation. The messages were like that, and the co-workers began to become corrupt. They took taxis whenever going out and took sleepers or planes when going to conferences; some of them had affairs, and some even put the money offered by the brothers and sisters in the bank and kept it for themselves; things of scrambling for power and gain were all the more common; in the end, they even wanted to ally themselves with the government and apply for a license. Seeing all these, I became downhearted. “Are they serving the Lord? Do they have the likeness of a servant of Christ? Where is the way of the overcomer? This is by no means transformation; it is simply ‘deterioration.’” Desolate and weak, I had the idea of going back home to hire myself out. However, because I still had a gleam of hope of becoming an “overcomer,” I dared not depart from the body. Having no alternative, I would rather “be wrong in the body than be right in myself.” Just be obedient!

While I was extremely weak, the Local Church distributed a book called Guard Against the Cult “the Eastern Lightning.” After I read it, I thought that “the Eastern Lightning” was nothing but a sect and it was enough to know about it, and that the Local Church was the highest and no one would get out. But later, I heard that people of “the Lightning” snatched people specially from the Lord’s recovery to damage the Lord’s recovery and disturb the producing of the overcomers, and that they claimed the Lord’s recovery was outside the door and only they (the people of “the Lightning”) were inside the door. I also heard that when they preached to a person, they would give him a certain sum of money, and that now many people in the Local Church had gone in “the Eastern Lightning.” I thought to myself that these people who believed foolishly must have gone in for the sake of money. Shortly afterward, the co-workers instructed all the churches to pray and curse “the Eastern Lightning” and also told the brothers and sisters, “Don’t receive strangers. We have contact with all in the Lord’s recovery in the six continents. As to the relatives you seldom have contact with, be on guard against them too. If your relatives have accepted ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ cut off all contact with them. Make no exception even for your own father or mother. If they come to preach, drive them away. If they don’t leave, call the police.” I thought that such a sect deserved to be cursed and deserved to be treated in this way because they were satans that disturbed people. To protect the brothers and sisters of the Local Church, I became very zealous. Wherever I went, I told the members there to guard against “the Eastern Lightning.” In our daily prayer meeting, I always took the lead in praying and cursing “the Eastern Lightning.” Later, this item became the important content of our prayer.

In September 2000, I was assigned to work in Liaoning Province. There I heard that a certain co-worker’s relative had come into contact with “the Eastern Lightning” and also learned that that band of people of “the Eastern Lightning” would go to his home again that day. So we five brothers and sisters hurriedly went to his home by bus. After we stepped into his home, we really saw two strangers there. Seeing them plainly dressed, I despised them from my heart: “How could you, looking like this, preach any high message?!” When a brother fellowshipped with them, I waited for the “opportunity” to get something on them. When they said that they had got God’s personal utterance, I immediately took up the thread of the conversation and said in a disdainful tone, “God has spoken to you?! In a loud voice or quiet voice? In a high voice or low voice? Among the saints in the past generations, there were few who heard God speak. Those who could hear were all the ones greatly used by God, such as Moses, David, Paul, and Peter. Who are you that you could hear God personally speak to you? It’s too ridiculous.” Then, by weight of numbers, we did not allow them to speak anymore. Under our threat, they had no choice but to leave. After that “war,” I even more felt that what I believed was right and I believed well. And I had no regard for “the Eastern Lightning” at all, thinking that they were nothing more than this. When we got back, we feverishly publicized the course of that “fight.” From then on, the churches were sealed more tightly.

In 2002, I was sent to work inside Shanhaiguan Pass. The Lord’s wonderful arrangement caused me to meet a brother of our denomination, who was also a key co-worker. As it was the first time I met him, I was on my guard against him too. But out of courtesy, I had a fellowship with him. The brother first fellowshipped about the revival and fall of all the domestic and foreign Local Churches, which was just what I was confused about. Then, he fellowshipped about the stream of the Holy Spirit: He fellowshipped from the creation of the world until the end time and to the Lord’s recovery, and he also fellowshipped from the men used by the Lord in the past ages and generations to the ministers of the new covenant. He said, “God raised up different men in different periods, and this was altogether man’s need. But since Brother Lee passed away, God has never raised up anyone. … So, the Local Church has stopped developing and entered into desolation now.” Then he asked me if now was the end time. I said that the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible and the signs in the outside world could all prove it was the end time. As I said that, I vaguely sensed that his words meant more than they said and that he would bring out more crucial things. I was afraid that he was a person of “the Eastern Lightning” on the one hand, but on the other hand, I hoped that he was. At that time, I really wanted to hear what he would say next. Without any hesitation, the brother then fellowshipped with me in detail about the turning point of God’s work in each age. He also fellowshipped about the three ages, the three stages of works, the principle of God’s working, the purpose of God’s work, what kind of people God saves and what kind of people God eliminates in each age, the substances of the true Christ and false christs, the opening of the little scroll, and so on. And he said, “Judging from these works God has done, the end-time work cannot be done by Brother Lee, nor by the blended brothers, even less by the leader of any sect or denomination. Brother Lee was a man used by God, and he paved the way for God for forty years, as John the Baptist paved the way for God. Men’s work is very limited and cannot bring man into the eternal destination. Men cannot decide man’s destiny, much less secure man’s future and future destination. The work God does, however, is different. Since he created man, he leads man. Since he saves man, he will save man thoroughly, gain man completely, and even more be responsible for man’s destiny and future. Since he started his work, he will surely accomplish it. This is the work done by the Creator. Today, Almighty God has opened the Age of the Kingdom. The words said in the past have all become outdated. They could only supply the need of that age and of that period. If people practice according to the words of that time, no matter how well or how much they practice, they cannot meet God’s requirements for people in the end time. God is ever new and does not do repeating work. Only God’s present word and present work can make people know him and know his disposition. Only if people accept Almighty God’s work in the end time can they be purified and perfected, become overcomers, and enter into the New Jerusalem.” At this, my heart was enlightened. I understood why I had no transformation though I had equipped myself with so many messages, and understood that the very reason why my condition was not good and the Local Church became fallen was that we failed to follow the stream of the Holy Spirit—God’s present work. “Now God has done the work of unifying so that people of all sects and denominations have come under the name of Almighty God (Ephesians 1:10; Isaiah 2:2-4; Revelation 11:15). This has exactly fulfilled what Revelation 14:4 says: ‘They follow the Lamb wherever he goes.’” I woke up all at once and was extremely excited in my heart, and my many years of oppression were completely released. I knelt down before the Lord and could not refrain from tears. … “Today, the wish that I have cherished for years has finally come true. It is the personal leading of Almighty God returning in the flesh that has enabled me to truly have the way to overcome. I am so blessed!” I opened the book of God’s word and read these words: “Some people do not love the truth, much less judgment, but love power and money. Such people are called snobs. They specially search for the influential denominations in the world and specially search for the pastors and teachers from theological schools. Even though they have received the way of truth, they half believe in it and cannot put their heart and soul into it. Their mouths say words of spending for God but their eyes are set on the great pastors and teachers, and for Christ they do not even spare a glance. Their hearts are full of fame and gain and honor. They do not believe at all that such a small person can conquer so many people and such an inconspicuous person can perfect people. They do not believe at all that these nobodies in the dust and dunghill are God’s chosen people. They think that if these people were the objects of God’s salvation, then heaven and earth would be upside down, and people would all laugh their teeth off. They think that if God chose these people to perfect, then those great men would all be God Godself. Their viewpoints are mixed with the elements of unbelief. More than unbelieving, they are simply unreasonable beasts. As they only value position and renown and value power and they think highly of large groups and denominations, they have no regard at all for those led by Christ. They are simply the betrayers who run counter to Christ, to the truth, and to the life.” “You do not adore Christ’s humbleness, but revere the false shepherds in prominent positions; you do not love Christ’s loveliness and Christ’s wisdom, but like the licentious men who wallow in the mire with the world; you just laugh at Christ’s suffering of having no place to lay his head, but admire the corpses that hunt for offerings and live in luxury and debauchery; you are not willing to suffer with Christ, but are willing to throw yourself into the bosom of those antichrists who act willfully and recklessly, although what they supply you with are only flesh, letters, and control. Even now your heart is still toward them, toward their fame, toward their position in the hearts of all the satans, toward their influence, and toward their authority. And toward Christ’s work, you still take an attitude that you can hardly accept it and do not want to accept it. This is why I say that you do not have the ‘belief’ of acknowledging Christ. It is completely under compulsion that you can follow to this day. In your heart the lofty images are forever standing. You cannot forget any of their words and acts and cannot forget their words with influence and their hands with influence. In your heart, they are forever supreme and forever heroes. But the Christ of today is not so. He is forever a small one in your heart and forever a person unworthy of fear in your heart, because he is too ordinary, his influence is too little, and he is too far from being lofty.” Every word of God pierced me to the heart and made me realize that all these years I had not been serving God but had been resisting and disobeying God. Thinking of what I had done in the past, the scenes appeared before my eyes one by one. Under the disclosing of God’s word, my ugliness was completely exposed to the light of day. Wasn’t I one who confused the truth with the doctrine and who echoed what others said? Wasn’t I one who only searched for the influential denominations in the world? The ones I valued were those eloquent and of quality. The ones I admired were college students, doctoral students, and those around Brother Lee. I adored those great men and appreciated the largeness of our denomination. Because of my arrogance, self-importance, self-conceit, and self-rightness, I not only did not know Christ’s humbleness, but I also laughed at Christ’s having no place to lay her head, condemned and blasphemed Almighty God, and sneered at the followers of Almighty God. Wasn’t I exactly an antichrist who resisted God and a hypocritical wicked servant? Thinking of the scene of my driving away those two sisters who preached God’s end-time work, I was even more remorseful. I had thought that I was working for God and serving the Local Church, but little had I thought that I was resisting God. I really deserved death and destruction. I could not help falling down before God and prayed to him, “God! All these years, I have not been serving you but have been serving men and hearing and believing men’s words. Not only have I myself not sought you, but I have hindered the brothers and sisters from coming before you. I am indeed an eternal sinner! God! I no longer seek anything but only wish to bring before you those brothers and sisters who are trapped and controlled by me, so as to make up for my indebtedness to you.”

After I understood God’s present work and saw God’s eager will to save man in the end time, I, with incomparable joy and great hope, wanted to tell this best news to the brothers and sisters in the Local Church who had been expecting God’s coming. However, after I got back, I was greatly disappointed. Everything changed: The co-workers who had served the Lord for years and even my family members all rose to attack and oppose me; the brothers and sisters who had been closely associated with me for years drove me to the street; some groundless words began to spread among the churches in the south and north, which said that I deceived people, that I accepted the new work because I got money and position…. I suddenly realized: Actually the “facts” in those booklets were all fabricated! “Outwardly the one they attack with lies is me, but essentially they are obviously rejecting the coming of God. God was incarnated the first time to save all mankind, but he was innocently nailed onto the cross. Today, God has returned in the flesh to save the people in deep misery from sin thoroughly, to defeat satan, and to bring them into the pleasant destination. However, they do not acknowledge him but instead persecute, resist, and blaspheme him. …” Thinking of that, I cried, “God! You come through being incarnated for the very purpose of saving us corrupt mankind, but we reject you and resist you. We are so disobedient and have grieved you so much! O God! Today, according to what I have done, I only deserve to be cursed. Yet you have not remembered my transgressions but have forgiven me and given me opportunities to suffer with you. O God! I am willing to exert all my strength to satisfy you and repay your great love.”

After I accepted Almighty God, his practical work and leading have made me understand how to know God in experiencing the circumstances manipulated by God’s hand. Now I have stepped onto the right track of life entering in, and each step was put firmly on the path of pursuing to overcome. Although today we are rejected by men, hated and framed by all nations, and disturbed by satan because of God’s name (Matthew 24:9; Revelation 12), it is just these sufferings from tribulation and refining that have forged the ironclad testimony to God’s saving man. I have seen the Sun of righteousness and the dawn of gaining glory. I have made a resolution: No matter whether I receive blessings or suffer adversities, I will resolutely follow Almighty God.

Dear brothers and sisters, please do not believe the rumors anymore. Wake up quickly! Today, Almighty God works among us at a great risk and is calling us repeatedly. Please listen to what the Holy Spirit says to the churches. Look at Almighty God’s work. Then, you will realize that Almighty God is precisely the returned Jesus.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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