118 God’s Love Has Melted My Heart


God, seeing Your eager will, I can’t help shedding tears.

Recalling what I did, I realize I added to You so many sorrows.

When I was chastised You accompanied me; when I was refined Your heart ached.

When I was lacking You supplied me; when I was sorrowful You consoled me.

So many times facing Your love, my heart was broken.

Your love has melted my cold heart, so I have come around.


Today I’ve understood Your heart; how much love You have given to men!

For whom the Father and the Son are separated! For whom You endure humiliations!

You suffer from being rejected by the world; how lonely and desolate!

You come to earth from heaven, helpless and supportless,

Silently enduring men’s oppression; who knows!

You have never enjoyed any warmth of the world; no one gives You love.


So many times I ignore You; so many times I grieve and embarrass You;

So many times I glare at You, leaving You standing aside alone.

Why is it that You have strong affection for men, but are repaid with the grief of Your heart?

I shouldn’t be obsessed anymore; I shouldn’t be disobedient anymore.

You have aroused my spirit to live for You.

I will offer You my heart and let You gain me, so as to comfort Your heart.


I only hate it that my flesh is too disobedient, and I’m corrupted by Satan too deeply;

I am extremely filthy and unworthy to see Your face, deeply feeling I’m unworthy to love You.

Such a resistant and disobedient person, why do You still love me?

How can I still wait! How can I still hesitate!

From now on I will care for Your will,

Endure sufferings and undergo refinings, and stand testimony to comfort Your heart.


Today I’ve tasted Your love, as if having returned to my mother.

The warmths make my heart drunk; I even more cherish today’s precious time.

Today I’m together with You, having joy and laughter.

I will no longer lose heart, and will no longer lose hope.

Your love makes me have endless strength at the bottom of my heart.

With my heart and my love, I’ll make up for my inner indebtedness, and my heart will feel peaceful.

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