122 Changes in Disposition Are Inseparable From the Holy Spirit’s Work

1. Whether one seeks sincerely is not determined by how others judge them or how they view them, but by whether the Holy Spirit works upon them and whether they have the presence of the Holy Spirit, and it is all the more determined by whether their disposition changes and whether they have knowledge of God, whether they have knowledge of God after undergoing the Holy Spirit’s work over a certain period.

2. If the Holy Spirit works upon a person, this person’s disposition will gradually change, and their view on believing in God will gradually grow purer. Regardless of how long one follows God, as long as they have changed, this means that the Holy Spirit works upon them. If they have not changed, this means that the Holy Spirit does not work upon them.

3. Even if these people render some service, they are instigated by their intentions to obtain good fortune. Occasional service cannot replace a change in their disposition. Ultimately they will still be destroyed, for there is no need for those who render service within the kingdom, nor is there need for anyone whose disposition has not changed to be of service to those people who have been perfected and who are faithful to God.

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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