126 A Song of Loving God Without Regret


On the path to the kingdom there are so many frustrations one after another;

Half dead and doubly tortured, I shed so many tears.

Without God’s mercy and keeping, who could have walked until today?

Ruled and arranged by God to be born in the end time,

I’m fortunate to follow the practical God.

God has endured so many sufferings; God has suffered so many humiliations.

God has suffered too greatly.

If I still care for myself how can I comfort God’s heart?


However severe are the trials and many the sufferings, God’s love is guiding me.

Though suffering frustrations and shedding tears in my heart, I have known God is lovely.

However many are the refinings and great the afflictions, I will not regret or complain.

God loves me to the uttermost with deep affection and earnest feeling,

Working His life into me.

We will never get passive, and we will never draw back.

Since we have stepped onto the path of loving God, however many are the sorrows,

We will follow God to the end without a change of heart!

Although I have weaknesses and am passive and shed tears, my heart still loves God.

Leaving sufferings to myself and giving love to God, I feel no more sorrowful but comforted.

Now it is like fire refining gold; why not consecrate my heart?

The heavenly path is hard and rough; even if there is the valley of tears,

I will love God more deeply without any regret.


I have seen God’s great power and my heart has been conquered.

Though undergoing judgment, suffering, and refining, I have gained life.

The practical God works practically; what else do I ask for?

Dedicating my whole life and expending my all, I will surely follow God to the end of the path.

Since God has suffered for me, I’m willing to requite God’s grace in all my life;

I’m willing to be refined all my life, even if more sufferings are added.

Knowing God, I’ll be willing to die.


The mystery of life and the destination of human life no one can see through.

To gain life and the transformation of disposition is not as man imagines.

Man’s mind is simple and he imagines supernaturally, not knowing God’s ruling.

Casting anchor to infinity and giving everything to God,

I’m willing to let God manipulate and arrange.

I will love God without seeking any reward, be resolved to satisfy God,

Regain the lost time, and pursue to please God;

And I won’t live my life in vain.

Experiencing God’s deeds and knowing God’s wonder is really glorious.

Meeting God’s appearing in this end time, I’m willing to serve God all my life.

I will exchange my all for such a life, and lay down my life willingly to follow God,

Not seeking to please others, but being willing to be rejected.

Knowing God is my honor!

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