126 Without Prayer, You Can’t Work

1. Prayer is not a ceremony, there is a lot of significance in it. We can see from their prayers that people are directly serving God. If you look at this as a ceremony, then you will certainly not serve God well. It can be said that if your prayers are not earnest or sincere, then God will not count you, He will ignore you, and if so, you won’t have the Holy Spirit working in you. From now on, without prayer, you can’t work. It is prayer that brings work and prayer that brings service. You say you are a person who serves God, but you have never devoted yourself to prayer and have never been serious in your prayers. In serving this way, you will fail.

2. If you come to the presence of God often and pray often, then it proves that you take God seriously. If you frequently don’t pray and you frequently do work yourself, do this thing and that thing behind His back, then you are not serving God, but rather you are just doing your own business. Are you not condemned in doing so? From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem like you have done anything disturbing, and it seems like you have not blasphemed, but you are doing your own thing. Are you not interrupting? Even though it looks like you are not interrupting from the outside, you are resisting God in nature.

from “The Significance and Practice of Prayer” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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