131 How Should I Care for God’s Heart


Without knowing it I have been led by God to this day,

Entering into the kingdom exercise and seeing God’s love.

God’s hand grasped me and lifted me out of the dunghill;

How could I less than an ant deserve to see God’s face?

Facing God’s salvation, hot tears stream down my cheeks.

If I cannot requite God’s love with all my heart, I will have no face to see God.

Why could a person with a conscience not care for God’s heart,

But hanker after fleshly enjoyments and live in the influence of darkness?


Because I cannot be after God’s heart, my heart is anxious.

My satanic disposition is deep-rooted and really hard to cast off;

How I wish to enter into refining and have it burned to ashes!

When can I grow up in stature to complete God’s commission?

In the kingdom exercise the task is heavy and the path is long and there is also the great mission.

Seeing God is burning with anxiety, I am also sorrowful.

God’s words are spoken like a clear moon lighting my path ahead.

God’s love encourages and activates my whole being to start a new life.

How mighty is the power God has revealed in us!

Thanks to God’s judgment and chastisement I’m regenerated.

Little did I dream that God’s love could come upon me;

So poor a person has enjoyed the great banquet.

So great a blessing coming upon me, how could I not be grateful?

Having enjoyed all God’s love, I’m greatly encouraged.

I should live for God to repay God’s grace,

Doing my utmost to pursue to truly love God and have my disposition transformed.

The style of Peter of the nineties is shining with light and radiance.

Satisfying God’s heart I am happy in heart and live out a true human life.

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