132 Sticking Through Thick and Thin   Being Faithful Unto Death


You come to earth from heaven, hiding in the flesh,

Working among men, through wind and rain for so many years,

Going through a rough path, opening a new era,

Redeeming all mankind, laying down Your head and shedding Your blood.


For so many years in the wind and rain, You have been suffering the pain of being rejected by the world,

Humble and hidden, patient to this day.

Humble and hidden, patient to this day.


For Your will I’ll dedicate myself, and this is my wish.

Though I’m in trials, my will becomes firmer,

And my affection for You grows stronger; bitterness is the best of sweetness.

Though my tearful eyes are misty, my life is full of light.


So many times broken up, I care for Your will all the more,

Sticking through thick and thin, being faithful unto death.

Sticking through thick and thin, being faithful unto death.



Experiencing painful times, tasting hard days,

Chastened and disciplined, I have been half dead and alive.

Reliving Your care, I adore You all the more.

Thinking back to the past, I feel extremely remorseful in my heart.


With the heavy burden on shoulder, I won’t delay anymore.

My stature is really small; thanks to Your love,

I have walked until today, doubly feeling You are dear.

Recalling the bittersweet memories, I feel joys in sorrows.


Bestowing Your mercy, to sympathize with my weaknesses,

Unleashing Your anger, to curse my disobedience,

You bestow all Your mercy, and unleash Your fierce anger;

I have seen Your majesty, and apprehended Your wisdom.


Living in Your love, I dedicate my whole being for You.

The painful refining, is all predestined by You;

Through this I’ll be perfected, to complete Your commission,

And satisfy Your heart’s desire; only this is my life.


So many times I’ve tasted sweets and bitters, walking the rough and rugged path all my life;

Sufferings or difficulties, I will die without complaints.

Sufferings or difficulties, I will die without complaints.

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