133 Recalling the Past Bitterness and Thinking Over Today’s Sweetness, I Love God More


Practical God! May You listen to me.

Thinking of the past, tears stream down my cheeks.

With lamps dim and with no moonlight,

My past life was hopeless.

With no one to share the misery of my human life,

I had to painfully live my life.

O True God! How could this not make my heart grieved?


Practical God! Listen to me.

I remember my heart was darkened before.

It’s devils and Satan that afflicted me,

Entrapping me till today.

It’s God Your light that lighted me,

Leading me out of the darkness.

O True God! How could I not love You forever?


Practical God! I love You.

It’s Your love that has come upon me.

I’m a lowest person in the world,

But today God You have graced me.

O God! I have been Your people,

And I call You “My God.”

O my God! It’s You who have saved me.


Practical God! I love You.

Your grace I cannot finish telling,

But I still cannot glorify You,

And even today still cannot live out Your word.

O God O God! I cry to You.

May Your Spirit move me.

I beseech You again to have mercy on me and keep me.


Practical God! I love You.

Holding Your word in my hands, I cannot swallow the tears,

And my gratitude I cannot finish expressing,

Failing to say it with my mouth but feeling anxious in my heart. O God O God!

You know my heart.

May You inspire and enlighten me,

So that I can understand Your will.


Practical God, for the sake of us,

You speak in earnest words and with good intention and exhaust Your painstaking care.

Having undergone chastisement, judgment, suffering, and refining,

My will to love You becomes even stronger. O God O God!

You love us most deeply.

We will love You forever,

And will no longer go against Your will.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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