137 Attending God’s Love Feast Is So Sweet


Attending God’s love feast, the kingdom exercise, is so sweet!

My heart happy, my spirit joyful, I’m indescribably gratified.

After judgment is brought chastisement; bitterness ends and sweetness begins.

My spirit revived, heart clear, I’ve known God’s love.

God’s word is really wonderful, Hey! It has indeed perfected me.

If one forgets God, he is conscienceless.

Let’s all care for our God’s will,

That is, enter into the reality of God’s word.

In the kingdom exercise the Holy Spirit perfects God’s word to be our reality.

The judgment and refining of the word is rememberable to me.

Experiencing this step I’m renewed in mind and transformed in disposition.

God’s grace is great really beyond compare.


Entering into reality is the last step of the Holy Spirit’s work of perfecting.

Stand up quickly, don’t stop, and suffer a little more.

To rebel against the flesh and practice God’s word is God’s will.

To take God’s word as the foundation is a true human life.

God has done many works, Hey! They’ll eventually yield results.

If one has no reality, he is too pitiable,

Sitting at the feast yet suffering a great famine.

That is really a laughingstock to Satan.

Entering into reality is ultimately satisfying God’s heart’s desire.

Cast off all corrupt disposition and self-willed deeds quickly.

When you and I all have God’s word in our living out and natural expression,

We will be living in the smile of God.


Brothers and sisters, Hey! We need to understand,

How great is the price God has paid in our Mainland.

The last step of work is to lead us into reality,

And make us a corporate manifestation to satisfy God’s heart’s desire.

After understanding the truth and having knowledge, put it into practice.

Repay God’s grace and care for God’s will and our heart will be delighted.

When you and I all have reality in loving God and are transformed into a new man,

We will be performing the duty of a created being on earth.

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