137 God Is Telling You Now in All Seriousness

1. First, conduct an examination of all your transgressions, and examine all your behavior and thoughts that do not conform to truth. Although this is an item that God requires of you that is easy for you, it is not the only item that He requires of you. God hopes that you will not laugh in private at this requirement, or still more, that you will not look down on it or take it lightly. Treat it seriously, and do not dismiss it.

2. Second, for each of your transgressions and disobediences look for a corresponding truth and use these truths to resolve them, then replace your transgressive acts and disobedient thoughts and acts with the practice of truth. Third, be an honest person, not someone who’s always being clever, always crafty. (Here God is asking you again to be an honest person.) If you can accomplish all three of these items then you are fortunate, a person whose dreams come true. God’s purpose is to fulfill your dreams, not to make fun of you or to make a fool out of you.

3. God is telling you now in all seriousness: God does not care how meritorious your hard work is, how impressive your qualifications, how closely you follow Him, how renowned you are, or how improved your attitude; so long as you have not done what He has demanded, you will never be able to win His praise. Write off all those ideas and calculations of yours as early as possible, and start treating God’s demands seriously. Otherwise, God will turn all people into ashes in order to bring an end to His work, for He cannot bring His enemies and people reeking of evil on the model of Satan into His kingdom, into the next age.

from “Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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