14. Almighty God Saved Me

Xiao Shuqin

Baoding City, Hebei Province

“The darkness covers the earth; the devils are extremely ferocious. God does His work with difficulty; He suffers all kinds of humiliations. Men are corrupted too deeply, and they have become the hostile force. What Jesus encountered has reoccurred today. They believe in God but do not know God, crucifying God again; ferocious and vicious they are, even more than those at that time. Although there are many believers in God, very few of them know God. Wherever we go in the mainland, it’s not easy to testify God. When we try to testify God to others, we meet with disasters instead; lifting up swords and clubs, they drive us out of their houses. With tears in our eyes, we are heartbroken with grief. The path of the cross is hard, along with tears and bloodstains. Idols are everywhere, and the evil servants are entrapping men; they believe in God in name, but are controlled by man. Where are those who love God? Where are those who seek? God calls and knocks at the door, but they hastily shut it even tighter. Men are wicked extremely, which has been revealed in this. May God bestow mercy, to pity those who love God. God’s heart is so grieved; who cares for His heart? He does such a great work, but no one understands Him. No one understands Him.” (from “Who Cares for God’s Heart” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs) Whenever I sing this plaintive and touching hymn, tears course down my cheeks unceasingly. It was this hymn that touched me and caused me to come before Almighty God. It is the real portrayal of the brothers’ and sisters’ hard experiences of preaching the gospel in following Almighty God, as well as the real portrayal of God’s love and salvation for man. “Being ferocious and vicious” and “lifting up swords and clubs,” are exactly the real portrayal of my ugly face of resisting and disobeying God. This hymn reminds me of my regrettable past….

I was formerly a mid-level co-worker of the Praise Church. In 1994, I believed in Jesus because my family had no peace. One day in early summer of 1999, a familiar sister brought to my home a sister from the Northeast. After the introduction, the sister from the Northeast said to me, “God has become flesh for the second time, and He has begun to carry out the work of judgment beginning at the house of God!” I was astounded to hear that. Out of curiosity, I was eager to hear what that was all about. The sister took out a Bible, found from it several verses prophesying that God would do the work of judgment in the last days, and showed them to me:

And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. He that rejects me, and receives not my words, has one that judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.” (John 12:47-48)

And has given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.” (John 5:27)

For the Father judges no man, but has committed all judgment to the Son:” (John 5:22)

The sister interpreted each of these verses very clearly. I had never heard such a clear and fresh message. I had read these verses before, but I had never found from them that God would carry out the work of judgment in the last days, and moreover, He would become flesh to do it. Later, she took out a book titled Judgment Begins with the House of God. She found two passages from it, and told me to read them first when I was free. I accepted the book because I had a great curiosity to know what was actually said in it. But before I could grasp the meaning of the two passages, my leader came to my home with an angry face. He asked me furiously, “I heard that a woman from the Northeast preached many things to you and also gave you a book. Is it so?” I was stunned by his shout, and said, “Yes. Her preaching was quite good, even fresher and clearer than that of the people from the seminary. I have read a few lines of that book. I read from the middle of it and haven’t understood anything yet.” He said angrily, “You are deceived, do you know? She is a preacher of the ‘Eastern Lightning.’ Fortunately, you haven’t understood what you’ve read. Give me the book. Never read it again, or that spirit will enter into you and you will be finished. Even those from the seminary won’t be able to save you then.” Half convinced, I gave the book to him reluctantly. Seeing this, he said, “Don’t you believe me? Can I deceive you? You should confess your sin thoroughly before the Lord! I tell you, the ‘Eastern Lightning’ followers will offer you anything you need, like money, a car, or a wife. But once you are deceived into joining them, they will control you, and you will have to do whatever they tell you. If you refuse, they will hack off your arms or legs, cut off your tongue, or gouge out your eyes. Then there will be no way for you to withdraw from it even though you want to. They also have killers. You must be careful.” After the leader left, a sister came. She advised me in all sincerity and earnest, “If the ‘Eastern Lightning’ followers come, don’t allow them to say anything or give them a sip of cold water to drink, much less allow them to sit down to talk. Just say to them one word—‘scram’!” Thinking about what the leader and the sister had said and that I had almost been deceived, I gritted my teeth in anger, bitterly hating the sister from the Northeast. From then on, I began to wildly resist and blaspheme the work of Almighty God in the church. And I even, by my imagination, fabricated rumors based on what the leader had said, saying that the “Eastern Lightning” was a licentious underworld organization, its followers were totally devoid of humanity, had no emotions, and were cold-blooded like killers, and that once a person came into contact with them, he could never escape. The rumors fabricated by me terrified the brothers and sisters, and they frowned while listening. Moreover, as I had read a few words of God and had some schooling, I commented critically on God’s words, belittled God’s words, and compared God’s words with those in the Bible, saying, “They’re too common, not as unfathomable as the words in the Bible.” I was arrogant to the extreme! I frenziedly resisted God for three months like that.

One day in early August, a medical team came to our village and offered a free check-up. I went for it because my hands and feet felt numb constantly. After the examination, it was found that there were many tiny blood clots in my blood and that my arteries had become even harder than those of a man of eighty. When I heard this result, my mind went blank. “I’m only twenty-nine. How can this be?” The doctors and the people there all looked at me strangely, as if I had done wrong and received retribution for it. I felt uncomfortable all over, and really wanted to have a good cry. After I got the medicine, I hurried back home and immediately knelt before God and prayed, “O Lord, how come I have got such an illness? Please heal me. I will do my best to work for You.” After I was on medication for three days, my condition did not get better, but on the contrary became worse. So I went to the hospital to have an injection. That day, when I had just returned home from the hospital, my heartbeat suddenly doubled, and after a while, it slowed down. It sped up one minute and slowed down the next, without regularity. My whole body curled into a ball, my tongue stiffened, and I could not speak… After the emergency treatment by the doctors, I survived. That sudden illness did not wake me up, and I worked even harder and intensified my effort to bind the brothers and sisters. One year later, my illness became ever more serious, and my blood was black. But I still did not come to my senses, as if my heart had become calloused. I continued to work hard for the sake of being healed soon.

Though I was so rebellious, God only gave me a warning, and He didn’t strike me down but still tried every possible means to save me. While I was working hard in order to be healed, a sister, introduced by my friend, came to my home. In the beginning, I suspected that she might be a follower of the “Eastern Lightning,” but after two days of association and fellowship with her, I didn’t guard against her so much. When she invited me to listen to messages somewhere, I decided to go with her. Before I made this decision, I had truly experienced a battle within. At first, thinking of the words of our leader and of the sister in our church, I was afraid that if I went there, they might detain me or cut off my nose or gouge out my eyes. But later I thought of her behavior during the two days we had spent together: She has delivered a very good message and lived out a very good humanity. After our fellowship, she always helped me with the chores. It seems that she is not a bad person. So I said to myself, “I can imitate the little horse in the story of A Little Horse Crosses the Brook and go to have a listen myself. Thus, with thirty percent belief and seventy percent doubt, I went with her. After I arrived there, the host family welcomed me enthusiastically and took very good care of me. The fact was just opposite to the rumors I had fabricated, and I felt somewhat embarrassed. Several brothers and sisters attended the meeting with me, and a young brother expounded the Bible to us. He expounded it clearly from God’s creation of the world through the law of Jehovah to the redemption of Jesus and ultimately to Revelation. God’s 6,000-year management plan was laid out before my eyes. I came to know that the aim of God’s managing man is to save all mankind, and that regardless of what work God does, the aim of His work does not change, the heart of His work does not change, and His will toward man does not change. I also came to know the source of mankind’s corruption and how God has been saving mankind, and that the Bible only records the two stages of work God had done. I became clear that as a creature of God, I should worship God. Having understood so many things that I had not understood before, I was suddenly enlightened in my heart and felt that the Bible was not so inapprehensible as before. Considering the aim of God’s managing man, I felt that all riddles were solved and that I had found the key to unlock the mysteries in the Bible. In those few days, we got on very well and had a wonderful time. We sang and danced together, very free and released. When praying, I was especially moved and felt that God was so lovely and that the brothers and sisters were so lovely. All this countered the rumors fabricated by me once again.

Although I had accepted the messages that accorded with my notions, when the brother told us that God became flesh again to do His work and His incarnate flesh is female this time, I immediately changed my attitude. I was so averse to it that no matter what he said, I just couldn’t take it in, and sometimes I even lost my senses and sprang to my feet and said that he was wrong. He asked me, “Do you think what we have talked about these days are in accordance with the truth or not?” “Yes!” “Is corrupt man in need of the salvation of God become flesh?” “Yes!” “We are created beings. Should God consult with us before He does anything?” “No. I don’t have such a right!” He continued, “Today God has become flesh as a female. Can we not allow God to do so?” “I dare not!” “Then, as God’s incarnation today is a fact, can we accept this fact as a creature of God?” “I can’t accept it!” At that time, I felt especially distressed and ambivalent as well. So, I found a quiet place to pray to the Lord and ask Him to give me a revelation: “O Lord, what should I do? I am utterly convinced by what he has fellowshiped about. I admit it is the truth, and I also know that it is indeed necessary for You to do so. But why do so many people oppose it? If it is the true way, why does our leader not accept it? If it is really done by You, please give me a revelation and let me accept it. If it is not done by You, please let me be away from here. O Lord, I am hesitating at the crossroads. Please show me the way! I know that I’m a created being and should obey You, but I don’t know what to do to obey You. I’m afraid of failing to keep pace with Your new work and also afraid of being deceived. What should I do? …” In distress, I sobbed bitterly, “O Lord, the Scripture says that men, though fools, shall not err therein. O Lord, as long as I follow You with a sincere heart, You will surely keep me and save me. Lord, I commit my future path to You. No matter what, I will follow the only true God who created the heavens and the earth. O Lord, I’m willing to seek You.” I kept praying to God, wishing the Lord could immediately appear to me and tell me what to do and whether I should accept it or not. Then, I remembered our leader and preacher. I thought to myself, “Maybe I should give them a call and ask them to come here to listen and help me discern.” I called them, but they said, “Come back. Don’t be deceived. We won’t go there. However good their preaching is, we won’t listen. You shouldn’t listen to it either. Just attend the meetings in our church.” I was very disappointed at their answer and felt I was like a beggar wandering the streets, lonely and helpless, not knowing where to go. In the few days that followed, I was in an agony of ambivalence and apprehension. I struggled in distress, often weeping. I lost much weight, and my face turned sallow. The brothers and sisters, seeing my state, were worried about me. The young brother worried so much that his lips were covered with blisters, and whenever he opened his mouth, they bled. And his eyes were red with weeping. The young sister who liked singing and dancing also wore a worried frown. No one talked or laughed as before when we had our meals. Actually, I had long been convinced in my heart and had nothing to refute, but I was simply unwilling to accept it easily. So I brazenly talked nonsense, arguing unreasonably. In a meeting, the young brother prayed to God on his knees, “O God! I’m really useless. I’ve followed You for so long and enjoyed so much of Your love, but today I’m incapable of testifying to what You have done, unable to fulfill the duty of a created being, and unable to comfort Your sorrowful heart. I’m unworthy to be called a human and unworthy to live before You. O God, You have devoted all Your care to us and paid any price for us, but I’m incapable of caring for Your will, and incapable of shouldering a heavy burden for You to share a bit of Your worry. … O God, I can do nothing. May You enlighten this sister to know Your will and not to misunderstand You anymore.” A sister sang a hymn: “Man has comfortable home, but God has no place to lay His head. How many can offer up their all? He has tasted enough of the coldness of the world, and undergone all the hardships of the world, but can hardly gain a touch of sympathy! He is worried about man day and night, coming and going among man, but who shows care for His safety? He rushes about all the year round, giving up His all for man, but no one asks after His needs. Man only knows to make demands of God; how could they think a bit about God’s will! Man enjoys family happiness; why always leave God shedding tears? …” (from “What a Desolate and Miserable World” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs) As I listened, I seemed to see the incarnate God bustling and rushing about in the teeth of wind and rain and in spite of intense heat or bitter cold. I was touched and could no longer control myself, and fell on my knees and sobbed bitterly, “O God! Almighty God! I give thanks to You. I’m willing to call on Your name. Today I have resisted You, not because I had a strong attachment to Jesus and was unwilling to leave Him, but because I was afraid of betraying Him. I was too insensible, and I deliberately resisted what I knew to be the truth. I have grieved You and caused the brothers and sisters to suffer. O God! From their prayers, I can see that they are not the inhuman harsh killers as the rumors say they are. Their prayers can touch me and reduce me to tears more than the tearful prayers of our leader. Those who are devoid of humanity can never speak such words of caring for Your grief, and those words are so real and sincere. O God, I have let You down and have done wrong to the brothers and sisters. I have treated them in such a way, but they still treat me with love. From their conduct, I have seen that the God they believe in and Jesus are one God, because I have seen love in them. O Almighty God, I should not make things difficult for You or for the brothers and sisters anymore. I will speak out what is in my heart and drop my prejudices.” After my prayer, the atmosphere of the meeting was no longer heavy. I spoke out the words bottled up in my heart all along: “In fact, I don’t have an aversion to you but instead have a very good opinion of you. I’m very moved by all that you have done for me. But do you know what our leaders say about you? They say that you people commit adultery, beat and harm people, and force people to accept what you preach. Why is this?” The young brother asked me, “Did you hear it or witness it?” “I heard it.” “Then what have you witnessed?” I began to recall what I have seen in those over ten days: They are neatly and decently dressed; the brothers knock the door before entering the room; when they dance, the sisters dance first, and then the brothers; they are not dissolute at all. I said, “I don’t think you are like that kind of people, but why do they all say so?” The brother’s eyes reddened. He said, “We know what they have said about us. ‘What one sees is true, and what one hears is not.’ You should believe what you have seen. God is holy, and He loathes corruption the most. You read Article 4 of ‘The Ten Administrative Decrees That Must Be Obeyed by God’s Chosen People’: ‘Man has corrupt disposition and, moreover, he is possessed of emotions. As such, it is absolutely prohibited for two members of the opposite sex to work together when serving God. Any who are discovered doing so will be expelled, without exception—and no one is exempt.’ Is the fact like what they say? Today, God incarnate has come hopefully to save man, but He, who is innocent, is insulted, slandered, and blasphemed by man. Just as the Bible says, ‘For as the lightning, that lightens out of the one part under heaven, shines to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.’ (Luke 17:24-25). Today, God incarnate has undergone the sufferings unimaginable to man, and the more grievous thing is that people have even fabricated many rumors and imposed all unrighteousness on Him. So, no matter what others think of us today, we will testify God so that the true believers in God will all turn to Almighty God. People do not accept these truths, for one thing, because they do not know God, and for another, they turn a deaf ear to the true way without making any investigation after they have heard some groundless rumors.” Then the brother told me how they were driven out of the houses by the people with a club when preaching the gospel to them. From their experiences, I saw how hard it was for God to do His work. Then, the brother told me, “You know, this hymn ‘Who Cares for God’s Heart’ is the real experience of the brothers and sisters who preach the gospel, and they wrote its words with tears.” We sang this hymn over and over again: “The darkness covers the earth; the devils are extremely ferocious. God does His work with difficulty; He suffers all kinds of humiliations. Men are corrupted too deeply, and they have become the hostile force. What Jesus encountered has reoccurred today. They believe in God but do not know God, crucifying God again; ferocious and vicious they are, even more than those at that time. Although there are many believers in God, very few of them know God. Wherever we go in the mainland, it’s not easy to testify God. When we try to testify God to others, we meet with disasters instead; lifting up swords and clubs, they drive us out of their houses. With tears in our eyes, we are heartbroken with grief. The path of the cross is hard, along with tears and bloodstains. Idols are everywhere, and the evil servants are entrapping men; they believe in God in name, but are controlled by man. Where are those who love God? Where are those who seek? God calls and knocks at the door, but they hastily shut it even tighter. Men are wicked extremely, which has been revealed in this. May God bestow mercy, to pity those who love God. God’s heart is so grieved; who cares for His heart? He does such a great work, but no one understands Him. No one understands Him.” It’s true that God does such a great work, but no one understands Him. My heart was deeply moved. Thus I accepted the third stage of God’s work and turned to Almighty God.

Through eating and drinking God’s word, I had a better and clearer understanding of many truths. God’s word says: “God became flesh because the object of His work is not the spirit of Satan, or any incorporeal thing, but man, who is of the flesh and has been corrupted by Satan. It is precisely because the flesh of man has been corrupted that God has made fleshly man the object of His work; moreover, because man is the object of corruption, He has made man the only object of His work throughout all the stages of His salvation work. Man is a mortal being, is of flesh and blood, and God is the only One who can save man. In this way, God must become a flesh that possesses the same attributes as man in order to do His work, so that His work might achieve better effects. God must become flesh to do His work precisely because man is of the flesh, and incapable of overcoming sin or divesting himself of the flesh.” “All that He does and sacrifices for mankind is not so that He might gain great rewards, but purely for the sake of mankind. Though God’s work in the flesh involves many unimaginable difficulties, the effects that it ultimately achieves far exceed those of the work done directly by the Spirit. The work of the flesh entails much hardship, and the flesh cannot possess the same great identity as the Spirit, cannot carry out the same supernatural deeds as the Spirit, much less can He possess the same authority as the Spirit. Yet the substance of the work done by this unremarkable flesh is far superior to that of the work done directly by the Spirit, and this flesh Himself is the answer to all of man’s needs. For those to be saved, the use value of the Spirit is far inferior to that of the flesh: The work of the Spirit is able to cover the entire universe, across all mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans, yet the work of the flesh more effectively relates to every person with whom He has contact. What’s more, God’s flesh with tangible form can better be understood and trusted by man, and can further deepen man’s knowledge of God, and can leave upon man a more profound impression of the actual deeds of God. The work of the Spirit is shrouded in mystery, it is difficult for mortal beings to fathom, and even harder for them to see, and so they can only rely on hollow imaginings. The work of the flesh, however, is normal, and based on reality, and possessed of rich wisdom, and is a fact that can be beheld by the physical eye of man; man can personally experience the wisdom of the work of God, and has no need to employ his bountiful imagination. This is the accuracy and real value of the work of God in the flesh. The Spirit can only do things that are invisible to man and difficult for him to imagine, for example the enlightenment of the Spirit, the moving of the Spirit, and the guidance of the Spirit, but for man who has a mind, these do not provide any clear meaning. They only provide a moving, or a broad meaning, and cannot give an instruction with words. The work of God in the flesh, however, is greatly different: It has accurate guidance of words, has clear will, and has clear required goals. And so man does not need to grope around, or employ his imagination, much less make guesses. This is the clarity of the work in the flesh, and its great difference from the work of the Spirit. The work of the Spirit is only suitable for a limited scope, and cannot replace the work of the flesh. The work of the flesh gives man far more exact and necessary goals and far more real, valuable knowledge than the work of the Spirit. The work that is of greatest value to corrupt man is that which provides accurate words, clear goals to pursue, and which can be seen and touched. Only realistic work and timely guidance are suited to man’s tastes, and only real work can save man from his corrupt and depraved disposition. This can only be achieved by the incarnate God; only the incarnate God can save man from his formerly corrupt and depraved disposition.” (from “Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of God Become Flesh” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) From these words of God, I understood the significance of God’s incarnation, saw the loveliness of God incarnate, and knew that God’s incarnation is completely because of the needs of corrupt mankind and is God’s great love and salvation for man. With regard to the gender of God incarnate, Almighty God says: “Each stage of work done by God has a real significance. When Jesus arrived, He was male, and this time He is female. From this, you can see that God created both male and female for His work and with Him there is no distinction of gender. When His Spirit arrives, He can take on any flesh at will and the flesh represents Him. Be it male or female, both represent God as long as it is His incarnate flesh. If Jesus arrived and appeared as a female, in other words, if an infant girl, not a boy, was to be conceived by the Holy Spirit, that stage of work would have been completed all the same. If so, this stage of work would have to be completed instead by a male and the work would then be completed all the same. The work done in both stages is significant; no work is repeated or conflicts with each other. At the time of His work, Jesus was called the only Son, which indicates the male gender. Then why is the only Son not mentioned in this stage? This is because the needs of the work have necessitated a change to the gender different from that of Jesus. With God there is no distinction of gender. His work is done as He wishes and is not subject to any restrictions, particularly free, but every stage has a real significance. God became flesh twice, and it goes without saying that His incarnation in the last days is the last time. He has come to reveal all His deeds.” “If only the work of Jesus was done without the complement of this stage in the last days, then man would forever hold onto the notion that Jesus alone is the only Son of God, that is, God only has one son, and that any who comes afterward with another name would not be the only Son of God, much less God Himself. Man has the notion that He who serves as a sin offering or who assumes power for God and redeems all mankind is the only Son of God. There are some who believe that as long as He is a male who comes, He can be deemed the only Son of God and a representative of God. And there are even those who say that Jesus is the Son of Jehovah, His only Son. Is this not a serious notion of man? If this stage of work was not done in the final age, then all mankind would be shrouded in a shadow when it comes to God. If so, man would think himself to be of a higher status than woman, and women would never be able to hold their heads high. At such time, no female would receive salvation. People always believe that God is a male, and He always loathes woman and would not give woman salvation. If so, then is it not true that all women created by Jehovah and also corrupted would never have the opportunity to be saved? Then would it not have been pointless for Jehovah to have created woman, that is, to have created Eve? And would not woman perish for eternity? Therefore, this stage of work in the last days is to save all mankind, not just woman but all mankind. This work is for the sake of all mankind, not just for woman. If any think otherwise, then they are fools all the more!” (from “The Two Incarnations Complete the Significance of the Incarnation” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) Yes, regardless of whether God is incarnated as a male or a female, as long as it is the work done by God, I should accept it. God is Spirit, and with Him there is no distinction of gender. It is only because of the needs of the work that God takes on a flesh as a male or a female. If a man defines and denies God according to the gender of His incarnate flesh, this only reveals his blindness, foolishness, and ignorance. From God’s two incarnations, I also saw God’s wisdom and unfathomableness and His wonderful deeds. If God did not counter our notions or correct our erroneous knowledge of Him through such a wise work, we would forever define Him in our notions, denying, rejecting, resisting, and blaspheming Him, and would end up being punished by Him. I truly realized: God is so wise and He loves us so much! His work is so meaningful!

Thinking back to my past disobedience and resistance, I feel bitterly regretful. God had sent the sister to preach the gospel to me, but I, disturbed and deceived by others, gave up His salvation and even fabricated rumors to slander and resist Him. Later, God disciplined and warned me through the illness. But I not only did not wake up but resisted Him more strenuously. Now I have realized that I got the illness, which became ever worse later, because I had offended God’s disposition. It served me right! God says: “I am a consuming fire and do not tolerate man’s offense. Because all men are created by Me, they must obey whatever I say and do and must not revolt against it. Men do not have the right to interfere in My work, much less are they entitled to analyze whether My work and word are right. I am the Creator; created beings should meet all My requirements with reverence, and they should not reason, much less resist. I rule over My people with My authority; all creation of Mine should submit to My authority.” (from “When Fallen Leaves Return to Their Roots, You Will Regret All Your Evil Deeds” in The Word Appears in the Flesh) Brothers and sisters, have you had a similar experience of being disciplined by God? Please rein in on the brink of the precipice! As a created being, we should be sensible. When we are unclear about God’s work, we should not jump to conclusions or carelessly blaspheme it, for the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this age or in the age to come. We should not trifle with our live! I had once trifled with my own life and the lives of the brothers and sisters. The rumors I spread have ruined the lives of a few hundred brothers and sisters. By now, some of them have returned to the world because they saw the desolation of the church and lost their zeal to pursue the Lord. And others, because of firmly believing the rumors I had fabricated, have become veritable antichrists. I really hate myself. A person like me, who have done so many evils, is really unworthy of God’s salvation. I only deserve to be cursed and struck down by God. If God had not tolerated me and done all He could to save me, I, who had done so many things that resist God, would have long since died somewhere. It is Almighty God who saved me! I will follow Almighty God forever.

Dear brothers and sisters, what do you think after reading my experience? I have already returned to Almighty God and committed myself into the embrace of the Creator, enjoying His rich supply. When will you come? Now, I have begun to perform my duty, and in doing it, I have tasted how hard it is for God to do His work and seen man’s disobedience more clearly. And I have seen God’s loveliness and His sincere love for mankind in how He has endured all the sufferings of the world in saving them. Brothers and sisters, I hope that you will come before Almighty God soon, so that you will be able to personally experience God’s work and feel His love for man which is beyond description!

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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