142 I Love God’s Righteousness and Majesty


Your judgment has saved me; Your chastisement has purified me.

Your deeds are really wonderful and profound and no one can fathom them.

Your work is without signs and not seen supernatural; the dead are truly resurrected.

The word judges but no facts are seen to come; my life disposition is transformed.


I have known the incomparable power of Your word, apprehended Your wisdom and almightiness,

And seen in Your words that Your righteousness is so glorious and beautiful.

Experiencing the life of Your word I have tasted the sweetness; Your beauty is superb,

Your love broad, and Your power great, truly conquering my heart.


You created me and delivered me into Satan’s hand, revealing Your righteousness and almightiness.

I have been deeply corrupted but saved, so I love You more deeply from my heart.

My obedient elements are too few and my love for God is too shallow, really failing to live up to Your will.

Your judgment and chastisement make me have no place to hide myself and feel ashamed and guilty.


I’m willing to place my heart before You every day to accept Your Spirit’s searching,

Cast off my disobedient disposition so as to obey You and be able to care for Your will,

Have my inner filthiness and corruption purified, drop my extravagant desires, and offer up my heart to You.

Even if the circumstances around me turn upside down, my heart will love You forever without change.


I love Your righteousness and majesty, more than Your love and mercy.

I commit myself fully into Your hand to let You manipulate;

Even if delivered to Satan again to live the life of hell, I will praise You with no regret or complaint;

Only let me love You so as to obey unto death, and this is my wish.

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