148 God Hopes for More People to Gain His Salvation

1. God hopes that more people will be able to examine it carefully when faced with God’s utterances and His work, and approach this important message with earnestness and piety. Do not tread in the footsteps of those who are punished and, even more than this, do not be like Paul—who clearly knew the true way but who intentionally defied it—and lose the sin offering, lose the sin offering. God does not want any more people to be punished, but instead hopes for more people to gain His salvation, to keep up with His footsteps, and to enter into His kingdom.

2. God treats all people righteously; no matter your age, how senior you are or even how much suffering you have been through, God’s righteous disposition is forever unchanged in the face of these things. God does not treat anybody with high regard, nor does He favor anybody. His attitude toward people is based on whether or not they can accept the truth and accept His new work by relinquishing all things. If you can receive His new work and receive the truth that He expresses, then you will be able to gain God’s salvation, then you will be able to gain God’s salvation.

from Afterword to Classic Examples of Punishment for Resisting Almighty God

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