151 The Spirit of Peter the Banner of Overcoming


With strong will and firm faith I follow the practical true God.

Failing to know God in this life I swear never to give up!

Failing to suffer what I should suffer I will never be a man.

Failing to repay God’s love I will have no face to see God.



The Word appearing in the flesh is God Himself,

The practical true God standing before my eyes.

Before the ages He predestined me to be born in the end time,

Conquering and saving me and bestowing His life to me.

The love with God predestined before the ages,

is Peter’s spirit reappearing in the end time.

God’s creative power is great and measureless;

God has recreated a group of people in His image.


You speak and it is and You command and it stands becoming the fact;

Your words are millions upon millions without end.

Ever-new and real and too wonderful,

Your great work advances irresistibly really almighty.

You have judged mankind’s evil nature,

And exposed mankind’s ugly satanic face.

No one can stand before You;

We prostrate on the ground and our hearts have been conquered.


Your deeds on me are great beyond compare;

The grace You bestow to me is even more beyond number.

You have been patient and forborne with my disobedient acts,

And yet have been gracious all the time saving me and giving me love.

I feel so ashamed as to have no place to hide myself and feel extremely guilty,

Realizing that I’m just a handful of dust.

I have nothing to boast about and show off anymore;

The victorious King has conquered the hostile force.


Your beauty is superb and I extremely admire it,

And I hate my lowliness and baseness all the more.

Your life’s being is what I lack;

Compared with You I fall short of You as far as heaven is from earth.

Knowing You even more stirs me up to pursue life;

Living by Your word is really a great blessing.

Your work makes me know human life.

Seeing what I have I feel unworthy to serve You.


I will be a pioneer in loving God obeying God unto death,

Loving God to the uttermost and dedicating my whole body and heart.

God’s work has been crowned with complete success in the Mainland.

Today the spirit of Peter has reappeared.



As I loathe myself I don’t want to speak anymore,

But only want to be humble and hidden and love God silently.

I will offer up all my love to God completely,

If this can satisfy God’s heart a bit; this is my wish.

I will live out reality according to Your word to requite You;

Having such a human life I will be satisfied and will die willingly.

I will create the style of Peter of the nineties,

And make a resolution not to fail God’s expectation.


In man’s living there are mysteries to be worth digging deep into.

What’s God’s intention in saving me?

Having arrogance and self-conceit man resists God;

Having no truth how can he obey God’s manipulation?

Knowing not God how can he truly worship God?

In God’s word I have seen the true human life.

So great a love coming upon me how can I not be encouraged?

I’m willing to bear a resounding testimony to satisfy God.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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