155 There Is Meaning in Your Withstanding Such Suffering

1. To see if you have God’s approval it is mainly to look at things such as whether you have the Holy Spirit working on you, if the Holy Spirit enlightens you and guides you, and if you are accompanied by some grace. Some people felt as though they would never run out of energy when they first began performing their duty. But how come as they go along they seem to lose that energy? The person they were then and the person they are now are like two different people. Why did they change? What was the reason? Because their faith in God went the wrong way before it got on the right track. They chose the wrong path. There was something hidden inside their initial pursuit, and at a key moment that thing emerged, at a key moment that thing emerged.

2. There’s an anticipation that lays inside their hearts while they believe in God, the anticipation that the day of God is arriving soon so that their misery will be at an end. They all look forward to the day when they can return home to reunite with their families, when there is no more persecution, when they are completely free, when they can openly believe in God without any restrictions by others, and everyone can live in a comfortable environment. These thoughts exist in the depths of all your hearts because man’s flesh isn’t willing to suffer and looks forward to better days whenever it goes through suffering. These things won’t be revealed without the right conditions.

3. When there’s no situation, everyone will seem particularly fine, appear to understand the truth rather well. One day, when a situation arises, some will head downhill. This is not to say that God doesn’t open up a way out for you, or that God doesn’t give you His grace, and certainly not that God is inconsiderate toward your difficulties. It’s that enduring this pain now is your blessing, and the meaning behind it is too deep, because you must withstand such suffering to be saved and survive, and it is predestined by God. So for this suffering to befall you is your blessing. The meaning behind it is too significant.

from “Those Who Have Lost the Work of the Holy Spirit Are Most at Risk” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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