156 God Has Offered All of His Love to Mankind

1. Regardless of whether God is righteous or majestic, or He expresses rage, He saves people and carries out His management plan all because of love. Some people say: “How much love?” It is not how much love He has, rather He has one hundred percent love. If He had any less love, then mankind would not be saved. God has offered all of His love to mankind. Ah … ah … God has offered all of His love to mankind.

2. Why does He take on the flesh, take on the flesh? It has been said before that God did not hesitate to pay all the price to save mankind. The incarnation includes complete love, and this allows you to see that mankind rebels against God to the extreme, they have already reached the condition where they cannot be saved; therefore, God had no alternative but to take on the flesh and devote Himself to mankind. God has offered up all of His love.

3. If God didn’t love mankind, then there is no way He would have taken on the flesh. God can make thunder rumble and directly express His majesty and wrath, and mankind would fall on the ground; there would be no need for Him to take on the flesh and expend so much effort and pay such a great price and suffer such great humiliation. This is an obvious example. He would rather Himself suffer, be humiliated, be forsaken, and be persecuted to save mankind. He would still rather come to this kind of environment to save mankind. Is this not love? Is this not love? Ah … ah … Is this not love? Is this not love? Is this not love? Is this not love?

from “God’s True Love for Mankind” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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