160 Even in the Ends of the Earth I Will Be Attached to You


I have given my heart to You, loving none but You.

I have a deep affection for You, loving You my beloved.

I’m willing to accompany You all my life, pledging to never change my love.

The hard days, have broken my heart.

The painful refining, has conquered me.

Disciplined and smitten I shed tears; I often laugh happily or weep bitterly.

I seek nothing in this life, but am willing to love You and give up my whole life.

I will love You to the end, to see the day You gain glory.

I feel You are lovely, and deeply know You are awesome.

Having been dealt with, and severely disciplined so many times,

Having shed so many tears secretly, I have just known You are most lovely.


I’m afire with impatience, expecting to grow up earlier,

So as to love You more purely, and give my whole being to You.

I often weep bitterly and pray, hating myself for not doing well.

I hope to cast off my uncleanness sooner, so as to attend the feast with You.

I expect to see You, and enjoy rest with You.

I only hate my flesh being too disobedient, and pity myself for being born in the filthy land.

Day and night I always miss You, and deep in my heart I often weep;

In the days of suffering I miss You more; when can I gather with You?

Though I have unspeakable pain, it’s only for welcoming Your return.

Rejection or slander, I will accept it.

Missing You in silence I love You more; praying again and again I express my resolutions.


Who would not love You? Only You are most lovely.

The constant love, no one can change.

I love You like a lily, unswerving in the blowing of wind and beating of rain.

I suffer for loving You, never thinking about tomorrow.

Gale or storm, I’m willing to taste it.

I will endure all griefs and sorrows, and give You all my love and affection.

Even if sufferings drown me, and even if rejections besiege me,

I will never complain or regret; I have given my all to You.

How much I miss You! You know my pain of pining.

Sorrowful in my heart secretly, I cannot help shedding tears silently.

Even in the ends of the earth I will be attached to You, expecting to see You earlier,

Expecting to see You earlier.

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