165 It’s Not Easy to Gain God


Having believed in God until now, I have finally seen the light.

I walk a rough path, suffering persecutions and tribulations.

I taste bitters and sorrows, tears wetting my garment.

So many nights, I pray and can hardly fall asleep.

The world rejects me, my family and friends stay away from me.

I suffer from rushing about all day long, with no place to lay my head and rest.

There is freedom in name only; where are the human rights?

I hate Satan bitterly! When can the injustice be redressed?

The darkness and evil of this world, even more stir me up to seek the light of human life.

Being certain that Christ is the truth and the way, I’m resolved to follow to the end.


God struck the shepherds, and we experienced the great tribulation.

The black clouds hung low and heavy over the country, and the atmosphere was thick with terror.

I fell into the tiger’s mouth several times, but escaped from death.

God’s word comforted me, so I had strength in my heart.

Having suffered all torments, I deeply know God is lovely.

God rules over everything, yet man’s belief is poor.

The trial of the lake of fire, benefits man a lot.

I see through Satan, and even more hate the great red dragon.

The great red dragon mean and cruel, has corrupted and devoured so many souls.

It’s not easy to gain God’s salvation; I will love God even more to comfort God’s heart.


Recalling God’s work, I doubly feel God is dear.

Accepting God’s judgment, I’m transformed in disposition.

Suffering from chastisement and refining, I know God more deeply.

Believing in the practical God, it is really glorious.

Expending for the true God, I am comforted in my heart.

Performing my duty faithfully, though suffering I have enjoyment.

Life is so short; loving God is the happiest.

Serving God, I am contented in my heart.

It’s the practical God who has saved me, and given me a true human life.

To fulfill my long-cherished wish, I will still strive to run toward tomorrow.

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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