166 Do Not Give Up on Truth

1. People are always unable to correctly view their own strengths and weaknesses, which unconsciously influences their knowledge of God. There are some people who even give up on themselves and lose hope, who do not seek to change their disposition, and are not willing to suffer hardships to put the truth into practice; these people think they have never changed. Actually, these people have changed, yet they themselves are not able to realize it: Instead they only look at their problems, and are not willing to cooperate with God. This not only delays their normal entry, but will also increase their misunderstandings about God, but will also increase their misunderstandings about God, and even more so have an effect on their destination. Therefore, this issue must be one you should carefully study so as to gain deeper entry, and reach the change effects that you should be obtaining.

2. Some people are in the midst of negativity, but they can still maintain an attitude of “faithful to God till the end, no matter what the outcome” in their duty. God says that this is change, yet you are not realizing it. Actually, if you examine yourself carefully, you will see that a part of your corrupt disposition has already changed; however, when you constantly use the highest standards to measure yourself, not only will you not be able to reach such a high standard, but also even the changes you have made within yourself will be negated—this is a human error, a human error.

3. If you are really someone who can tell right from wrong, then there is no harm in making yourself aware of the changes within yourself; not only can you see your own changes, but even more so you can find the path ahead that is to be practiced; at that time you will see that as long as you are hard-working, you still have hope, you still have hope; you are not irredeemable, you are not irredeemable. Right now God tells you: Those who can correctly view their problems have hope; they can come out from negativity, they can come out from negativity.

4. The reason you give up on truth is because you think you are already beyond saving, so you give up on even the most fundamental truths, you give up on even the most fundamental truths. Perhaps it is not that you cannot put the truth into practice, but rather that you give up on the opportunities to practice the truth; if you give up on truth, can you still change? If you give up on truth where is the meaning in your belief in God? Hasn’t it already been said, “It is right no matter when change in disposition is sought”? Have you forgotten this? You remember that only very few will be saved, and feel that you have no hope. If you do not have a positive pursuit, will not the negative things make an appearance? How then can you not be negative? So God is telling you still: You must view yourself correctly, and not give up on truth. You must view yourself correctly, and not give up on truth.

from “View Yourself Correctly and Do Not Give Up on Truth” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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