166 The Praise of the Descendants of Moab


The descendants of Moab    are in torment weeping (weeping)

On the yellow faces    are sorrowful traces of tears (traces of tears)

In the black eyes    are quivers of fear (fear)

With tears give the flesh    over to wrath to be burned (burned)


The descendants of Moab    are in torment weeping (weeping)

The merciless judgment    has cast me into hell (hell)

The anguish seizes me    the tribulation is to me approaching (approaching)

In the darkness    I’m groping for Your presence (presence)

In the depths of despair    in my heart I even more hate myself (myself)

I believe in You but don’t belong to You    becoming a tragedy (tragedy)

A devil in hell    is letting out dismal and mournful howls (mournful howls)

The trial of the furnace    is tormenting my heart (my heart)


I’m unworthy to be called a man    having no right to control myself (myself)

Even if You detest me    I still don’t feel ashamed to love You (love You)

Though You reject my love    I won’t dismiss You (won’t dismiss You)

Though I’m a descendant of Moab    my heart of loving You won’t change (won’t change)

So many people are seeking    to understand Your will (will)

So many people are longing    to love You to the uttermost (to the uttermost)

So many people are preparing    to lay down their lives to satisfy You (satisfy You)

So many people are trying    to eventually repay Your love (Your love)


The descendants of Moab    are in torment weeping (weeping)

The intent to receive blessings    is in the wrath lost (lost)

The corrupt flesh    is in the burning consumed (consumed)

The remorseful tears    are in silence wiped away (wiped away)

The descendants of Moab    are in torment weeping (weeping)

The descendants of Moab    are in torment weeping (weeping)

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