167 My Heart No Longer Desires Anything Else


You have paid all the price for mankind,

And poured out Your life upon us.

I feel sorrowful in heart and shed tears of regret;

If I really had sense, how could I have caused You to suffer so much?

What else can I not drop to satisfy Your heart’s desire?

I dedicate too little, unworthy of mention, being unable to satisfy You at all.

In the past I was immature, foolish, ignorant, and disobedient grieving Your heart too much;

This makes me see You are incarnated completely for us people.


Every trial is a blessing to me.

You have given me too much beyond what I ask or think.

Seeing all that You have given to me,

I no longer have sorrowful feelings.

I have tasted that all the feasts You made for me are excellent;

In the days of refining You gave me too much love and I cannot forget it.

Your love is too great and has deeply occupied and rooted in my heart.

I can be what I am today and this is all Your grace, Your salvation, and Your mercy.


You judge and chastise for saving me.

Today I have been conquered so that I can come before You.

I can be fortunate be fortunate to know You;

This is really the greatest blessing in my life.

I’m honored to step onto the bright, right way of human life,

And fortunate to accept Your judgment and chastisement; this becomes the most worthy thing.

The righteous holiness is worthy of eternal praise, and I cannot love it enough.

I’m willing to enjoy Your righteousness more, accompanying me to serve You all my life.


Accepting Your judgment, I have known my corrupt disposition;

So I have learned to obey in sufferings, and my disposition has been transformed.

You are my God, so I have received the extremely great salvation,

And become a person with humanity.

I thank You forever, for enjoying so much of Your grace;

I have gained human life.

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