168 If You Believe in God But Do Not Love God, You Will Live Your Life in Vain

1. Since you believe in God, you should love God. If you only believe in God but do not love God, and if you believe in God but fail to know God and never truly love God, then you will believe in God in vain. If you believe in God but do not love God, you will live your life in vain and with no worth, and your life will be a lowest life.

2. If you never love God and never satisfy God in your life, what is the meaning of your living? What is the meaning of your believing in God? Isn’t it in vain for you to believe in God in this way? For one to believe in God and to love God, he has to pay a price, has to pay a price.

3. You should not pursue to do anything outwardly but to be able to have a true, a true seeing in the depth of the heart. Seek God’s will in everything. Whatever thing you encounter, you should go deep to strike root to see what is the truth God requires you to achieve in this thing and how you should care for God’s will.

from “Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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