17 The Only True God Has Appeared in the Flesh


A thunderclap is shaking the sky (shaking the sky);

The only true God has appeared (has appeared)!

This is the Holy Spirit’s personal utterance, the Holy Spirit’s testimony,

Like the pealing of thunder from heaven. (Amen!)


We are certain that God has appeared in the flesh (appeared in the flesh),

The Savior has returned on the white cloud, and has come.

We have seen the face of God (the face of God);

This is our greatest blessing. (Amen!)


The churches have all entered into the kingdom exercise (the kingdom exercise),

And obey God’s personal work (personal work).

This is an extremely good opportunity to be saved (an extremely good opportunity).

We have been taken up before the throne. (Amen!)


When we live in the light of today (in the light of today),

The more we eat and drink the more reality we have (the more reality we have).

Through our keeping exercising practically (exercising practically),

The church life has appeared. (Amen!)


Practical God, we are willing to care for Your will (care for Your will);

You are searching for people who will cooperate with You (people who will cooperate with You).

We are willing to consecrate for You, expend for You,

And care for Your burden to go forward. (Amen!)


The prospects of the kingdom are bright and infinite (bright and infinite).

Living in the light we enjoy incomparably (enjoy incomparably).

Our God has gained glory here (has gained glory).

God’s kingdom has appeared on earth. (Amen!)

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