171 I Have Seen God’s Loveliness

I heard a familiar voice calling me from time to time;

As if suddenly awakened from my dream, I wanted to see who was calling.

The voice was gentle and with sternness, and the image was very beautiful;

Smitten I felt very painful but a loving hand was caressing me.

Only then did I realize that the one I was wrestling with was God’s angel;

I collapsed on the ground with no face to see God realizing the worldly things.

I have been corrupted to be like dung and the fact has been revealed;

I will restart to pursue human life and perform my duty properly.

Working and dining with God, I’m exposed to be low.

God is God after all and man is still man, I really have no sense.

Man is too fragile, foolish, and ignorant to resist temptations;

Shameless and embarrassed I feel extremely remorseful in my heart.

I curse that I should not live and why did I come into the world?

How have I passed these many years that I have been so corrupted?

Under the evil one’s hand the world is lightless and I have been influenced by darkness;

It has unknowingly and gradually become my nature ruining my human life.

As long as my corrupt disposition is not cast off I will serve in vain.

Full of notions and not knowing God, how could I not resist?

It’s right and proper that You judge me because I’m disobedient;

It’s logical and natural that You chastise me because I’m unrighteous.

You are righteous and I’m convinced in heart and in mouth having been face to face today.

Only You can save me and You are the practical God.

The incarnated God’s practicalness has been completely revealed to man.

Living in the light and knowing God I have seen Your smiling face.

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