181 O Practical God   My Good Beloved


Practical God, good beloved, I have given my heart to You.

You undergo sufferings and endure humiliations all for saving us.

You pour out Your life to me, and I see that You are so lovely.

You come to earth from heaven and are incarnated in the flesh,

and You live with men;

No one has ever known You.

It is really unexpected that the Creator could have personally come among men, among men.


Practical God, the love in my heart! My good beloved,

the heart and the love You have cannot be found in the world.

You become a man humble and hidden and give man a greatest salvation.

Your righteousness and Your wisdom are revealed in the flesh.

You bring man the life and the truth;

You bestow to us the right way of human life;

Your incarnation is indeed mankind’s greatest need, need.


Mankind’s disobedience and unrighteousness have been exposed before You.

Your work and Your word have revealed Your disposition,

so men are fortunate to know You and be transformed in their disposition.

Your word and Your love have conquered my heart;

my heart has been occupied by You;

You have stirred up my heart and my love.

Your lovely aspects I really linger over, linger over.


Ah … beloved! Ah … beloved!

You are the loveliest One on earth.

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