19 God Has Sat on the Throne


The only true God has appeared; we sing to You,

Singing of Your returning in the flesh and bringing the reality of the kingdom.

All peoples will worship, and shout for joy to You.

You have sat on the throne, how glorious and beautiful!


The incarnated practical God, we all are in Your hand.

It’s You who have predestined and selected us to become Your people.

We come joyfully before Your throne,

Singing to You and praising You, telling of Your grace.

It’s You who have separated us from the world,

So we’re freed from all the worldly entanglements and enter into the kingdom exercise.


We are face to face with You, eating, drinking, and enjoying You every day.

What we have long expected to get has become a reality today.

You have conquered and gained us people;

We are following the Lamb singing the new songs.

The praising singing is vibrating and resounding throughout the whole Zion.


How can we not shout for joy! How can we not sing!

How enjoyable and glorious it is, to be in Your kingdom!

It’s You who bestow to us the living water of life,

Nourishing our thirsty heart and transforming us into a new man.


The new heaven and new earth have appeared, and the kingdom is among men;

God’s glory fills it, and there are no sorrows and sighs.

O Practical God! It’s You who personally wipe away our tears,

So that we can enjoy rest in Your kingdom forever.


The Almighty who was and who is, You have gained glory.

Your holy name will be exalted forever, and should enjoy great praise!

It’s You who let us see Your glorious countenance.

Such a life and such joy will last for ever and ever.

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