199 What Man Has After Stepping onto the Way of Being Perfected

1. After a person steps onto hey the way of being perfected, his old disposition can be transformed, his life grows continuously, and he enters deeper into the truth gradually, gradually and loathes the world, and he not only feels loathing for himself, but even more has a clear and plain knowledge of himself hey yo.

2. He is willing to live by the truth, by the truth and take pursuing the truth as his goal, is unwilling to live in his own mind and thinking, feels loathing for man’s self-rightness, haughtiness, and self-conceit, can speak with proper limits, has discernment and wisdom when encountering things, and has faithfulness and obedience to God hey yo.

3. When he experiences a chastisement and judgment, he not only does not become passive or weak, but thanks the chastisement and judgment, and he can be kept through the chastisement and judgment. He does not pursue the belief of peace and joy and asking for bread to be filled or pursue temporary fleshly enjoyments. All these are what a person being perfected, a person being perfected has, what a person being perfected has hey yo.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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