20 The Final Result That God’s Work Aims to Achieve

1. In so much of God’s work, anyone with true experience feels reverence for God, which is higher than admiration. People have seen God’s disposition due to His work of chastisement and judgment, and they therefore revere God in their hearts. God is meant to be revered and obeyed, because His being and His disposition are not the same as those of a created being, and they are above those of a created being. Only God is worthy of reverence and submission, is worthy of reverence and submission.

2. All people who have experienced God’s work and truly known God feel reverence toward Him. However, those who do not let go of their notions about God, those who simply do not regard Him as God, do not have any reverence toward Him, and even though they follow Him they are not conquered; they are disobedient people by nature. God does this work to achieve the result that all created beings can revere the Creator, worship Him, and submit to His dominion unconditionally. This is the final result that all His work aims to achieve.

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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