203 Only If You Forsake the Flesh Can You See God’s Loveliness

1. If you truly love God and do not satisfy the flesh, you will see that everything God does is most suitable and most perfect, and judging your unrighteousness is the right thing to do. Sometimes, when God chastens and disciplines you, brings on circumstances to temper you, forcing you to come before Him, you will always feel that what He does is so great, and that God is very loveable. This way, you would feel as if you are not suffering too much, and that God is very loveable.

2. If you care for your fleshly weaknesses, you will feel that you are always suffering and always feel that you are all alone and mistreated badly. The more you care for the weaknesses of your flesh in this way, the more you will feel that God is too demanding. Eventually it will be so bad that you would deny God’s work. This is why you must forsake the flesh and not care for it. You must satisfy God. Your prospects, marriage, family—none of this is important! “I have only God in my heart. I have only God in my heart.”

from “Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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The world is beset by catastrophe in the last days. What warning does this give to us? And how can we be protected by God amid disasters? Join us for our topical sermon, which will tell you the answers.

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