204 All Will Be Accomplished by God’s Words

Accompaniment: All will be accomplished by God’s words. All will be accomplished by God’s words.

1. All will be accomplished by God’s words; no man may partake, and no man can do the work that God will carry out, the work that God will carry out. God will wipe clean the air of all lands and eradicate all trace of the demons on earth. God has already begun, and He will commence the first step of His work of chastisement in the dwelling place of the great red dragon. Thus it can be seen that God’s chastisement has befallen the entire universe, and that the great red dragon and all kinds of unclean spirits will be powerless to escape His chastisement, for God looks upon all lands, for God looks upon all lands.

2. When God’s work on earth is completed, that is, when the era of judgment comes to an end, God will formally chastise the great red dragon. God’s people will see God’s righteous chastisement of the great red dragon, they will pour forth their praise because of God’s righteousness, and will forever extol His holy name because of His righteousness. Hence you will formally perform your duty, and will formally praise God throughout the lands, forever and ever! Forever and ever! Forever and ever! Forever and ever!

from “The Twenty-eighth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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