23 People Can Only Discover God’s Loveliness in Experiencing God’s Practical Work

1. The essence of God is not only for man to believe, but even more for man to love. Nonetheless, there are many who believe in God that are unable to discover this “secret.” People not only don’t dare to love God, they don’t try to love God. People have never discovered how loveable God is, and have never discovered that God is a God who loves people and a God who allows people to love. God’s loveable qualities are shown in His work, and people can only discover His adorableness through experience, and can only experience God’s adorableness in reality.

2. Without real-life experience and observation, it is impossible for anyone to discover God’s adorableness. God has many loveable qualities, but these can’t be discovered unless people come in real contact with Him. If God had not become flesh, people would not be able to come in real contact with God, people would be unable to experience His work, and their love for God would be adulterated with too much falseness and supposition. People’s love for the God in heaven is not as real as their love for the God on earth.

3. Because people’s understanding of the God in heaven is built on their imaginations, not what they themselves have seen or experienced. When God comes to earth, people are able to see God’s actual deeds and His loveable qualities, and are able to see all God’s real and normal disposition—these allow for an understanding that is thousands of times more real than that of the God in heaven. Regardless of how great people’s love for the God in heaven is, it is not real at all, but rather is full of their own fancies.

4. No matter how small people’s love for the God on earth is, it is real; even if theirs is only a tiny amount of love, it is still real. God uses real work to allow people to understand Him, and gains people’s love through this understanding. Since God wants man to love Him, He comes to the world Himself to live together with men. If Peter had not lived together with Jesus, he could not have had such adoration for Jesus; his loyalty to Jesus was based on his contact with Jesus.

from “Those Who Love God Will Live Forever in God’s Light” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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