230 Success or Failure Depends on the Path That You Walk

1. Most people believe in God for the sake of their future destination, or for temporary enjoyment, or to gain rewards. Most people do not believe in God in order to fulfill their responsibility, or to complete their duty, or to be made perfect. Rarely do people believe in God in order to lead meaningful lives, nor are there those who believe that since man is alive, he should worship God, and that since man is alive, he should love God because it is heaven’s law and earth’s principle to do so, and is the natural vocation of man.

2. Over the last several thousand years, many believers have died, and many have died and been born again. It is not just one or two people who seek after God, nor even one or two thousand, yet the pursuit of most of these people is for the sake of their own prospects or their glorious hopes for the future or to live their lives peacefully. Those who are devoted to Christ are few and far between. Many devout believers have still died ensnared in their own nets. Though they make painstaking efforts in their pursuit, the path they walk is the path of failure once walked by their predecessors, and not the one of success.

3. Because man is not “good at” wholly devoting himself to God, because man is not willing to perform his duty to the Creator, because man has seen the truth but avoids it and walks his own path, because man always seeks by following the path of those who have failed, because man always defies Heaven, thus, man always fails. If the path of your pursuit is the right one, then you have a hope of success; if the path you tread in pursuit of the truth is the wrong one, then you will forever be incapable of success. Thus it follows that success or failure in the truth is all down to man’s pursuit and to the path he walks. It has never had anything to do with Christ. It has never had anything to do with Christ.

from “Success or Failure Depends on the Path That Man Walks” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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