233 All That God Does Is Perfection and Love to Man

1. From the time of the service-doers through to today, man sees how wondrous is the work of God, it is unfathomable to man, and using his brain he is unable to imagine how God works, and also sees how small is his stature and that too much of him is disobedient. When God cursed man, it was in order to achieve an effect, and He did not put man to death. Although He cursed man, He did so through words, and His curses did not actually befall man, for what God cursed was the disobedience of man, and so the words of His curses also made man perfect. Whether God judges man or curses him, both make man perfect.

2. Every step of God’s work—whether it be harsh words, or judgment, or chastisement—makes man perfect, and is absolutely appropriate. Never throughout the ages has God done work such as this; today, He works within you so that you have appreciated His wisdom. Although you have suffered some pain within you, your hearts feel steadfast, and at peace; it is your blessing to be able to enjoy this work. Regardless of what you are able to gain in the future, all that you see of God’s work in you is love.

3. If man does not experience God’s judgment and refinement, his actions and fervor will always be on the outside, and his disposition will always remain unchanged. Does this count as having been gained by God? Today, although there is still much within man that is arrogant and conceited, man’s disposition is much more stable than before. God’s dealing of you is in order to save you, and although you may feel some pain at the time, the day will come when there occurs a change in your disposition. At that time, you will look back and see how wise the work of God is. The day will come when you see that the day of God’s glorification has arrived, you come to know the human life and live in the world of loving God; your spirit will be set free, your life will be full of joy. And that will be when you are able to truly understand God’s will. At that time, you will truly know how valuable the work of God today is.

from “Only by Experiencing Painful Trials Can You Know the Loveliness of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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