249 Your Lusts Are Too Strong

1. You adorn yourselves like this; are you not afraid of sinking deeper and deeper? Don’t you know that you belong to sin originally? Don’t you know that your whole being is filled with lusts? So much so that your lusts even ooze out through your clothes, revealing your extremely ugly manner like that of unclean spirits. Aren’t you yourselves most clear about these?

2. Haven’t your heart, your eyes, and your lips been defiled by unclean spirits? Aren’t they all filthy? You think that you are most pure as long as you do not have an affair, and you think that you can cover up your ugly soul by being gorgeously dressed. That is impossible! God advises you to pay some attention to the reality and not to behave affectedly or show off your charms. You flirt with one another, and what you get will be eternal sufferings and ruthless smitings! Why should you ogle at and be in love with one another? Is it your integrity? Is it your uprightness and tenacity?

3. God loathes those among you who practice witch-doctoring and sorcery and loathes those boys and girls among you who adore their flesh. You’d better restrain it, because now you are required to have a normal humanity and not required to flirt with one another. You always try to seize every possible chance, because you are too fleshly and your lusts are too strong, because you are too fleshly and your lusts are too strong!

from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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