25 How Glorious It Is to Be an Overcomer


On Mount Zion the bright light is shining.

God is uttering His voice and speaking in it

And He is far more glorious beyond compare.

All God’s people gather together uttering praises and singing.

The judgment before Christ’s seat has been crowned with success.

God has overcome Satan, and fully gained glory.

All peoples are streaming to this mountain, and will surely walk in the light.

Christ’s kingdom has been realized, realized among men.

Christ’s kingdom has been realized, realized among men.


The kingdom prospects are bright and infinite.

God’s people are advancing bravely and irresistibly,

Overcoming Satan’s influence and standing before all peoples of the world.

The righteous Almighty God has publicly appeared.

The judgment of the great white throne is full of majesty and wrath,

Destroying the old age and renewing heaven and earth.

All nations and all peoples will surely become subject before the throne.

All nations and all peoples will surely become subject, become subject before the throne.


The trumpet of overcoming has sounded.

For the realization of God’s kingdom offer up our whole being.

God is calling us.

Who is still delaying and sitting by and watching?

How pitiable it is to be cast away!

How can the truth and the way and the life be gained without a price?

This is the final war of the spiritual realm.

How glorious it is to be an overcomer!

Have a full part with Christ in His tribulation and kingdom and patience,

And bear a beautiful and resounding testimony to glorify God.

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