259 God’s Deeds Are Immeasurable

Accompaniment: We see Your honor from the universe.

Then we no longer dare to lightly, lightly go to meet with You.

Who can know Your will?

Who dares to feel Your anger?

Who is willing to seek when Your majesty will come?


We are lying in the cradle of Your hands.

We doubly feel that You are kind, like a loving mother.

And our hearts are also filled with fear.

Who dares to compete against Your anger?

You are the mother we’re full of love for and are also the father we love and esteem.

We shun You in our heart, but dare not keep too far from You.

We always feel in our heart that You are amiable and approachable.

Hey…. Without knowing when we feel that You are immeasurable.

Hey…. So we keep a respectful distance from You.


Our words are very few, and we love You and fear You in our heart.

How could man’s emotion express his feelings about You,

express his feelings about You?

We only come before You with empty hands, demanding from You,

with childishness and with fear.

No matter when You do Your best to satisfy us.

From our heart we utter endless praises.

You give us selflessly without any condition or any complaint.

We seldom see Your face, but have received Your all.

Although we have many impurities,

You have long gained our whole being.

How could man’s fleshly eyes see the fact You have accomplished,

accomplished from everlasting.

Hey … hey … hey … hey….


You see from eternity to the ends of the earth,

and all things are thoroughly exposed before You.

Who dares to compare with You? We all keep silent.

You have uttered endless words from eternity to today.

No one knows how rich You are.

No one dare open his mouth lightly to boast about Your beauty.

No one dare open his mouth lightly to extol Your gentleness.

Sometimes You go far away from us and sometimes You live among us,

So far from man and so close to man, so far from man and so close to man.

No one has ever discovered Your footsteps.

No one has ever seen Your figure.

What is left to man are only pleasant memories,

sweet and happy, lingering and unforgettable.

Ah … ah….


You remain as long as heaven and earth.

Who knows how broad Your deeds are?

What we see is only a grain of the sand.

We keep our mouth shut and obey Your arrangements.

Man is lower than an ant on the ground; how could he compare with You the Most High?

Though we are in refining, it’s filled with, filled with Your mercy.

We have seen Your righteousness hidden in Your mercy and majesty,

Hidden in Your love, and hidden in Your deeds, immeasurable, so much, so much.

Hey … hey … hey … hey … hey … hey….

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