267 The Purpose of God’s Work Remains Unchanged

1. People who follow God should know His will. God has been working on earth for thousands of years, and He is still doing so now. Although there are especially numerous items included in God’s work, its purpose remains unchanged. For example, although God is filled with judgment and chastisement toward man, it is still in order to save him, to better spread God’s gospel once man has been made complete.

2. At a time when many people have already greatly lost hope, God is continuing with His work, continuing the work He must do to judge and chastise and purify man. Despite the fact that man has no desire to care about His work, God is still carrying out His duty because the purpose of His work remains unchanged and His original plan will not be broken.

3. The function of God’s judgment is to get man to better obey Him, and the function of His chastisement is to allow man a better transformation. Although what God does is for the sake of His management, He has never done anything that was unprofitable for man. That is because God wants to make all the nations outside of Israel just as obedient as the Israelites and make them into real men, so that He will have a foothold in the lands outside of Israel. This is God’s management; it is the work God is accomplishing in the lands of the Gentiles.

from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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