273 Seven Thunders Come Forth

Accompaniment: Seven thunders come forth, seven thunders come forth, shake the universe, shake the universe. Seven thunders come forth, shake the universe, overturn heaven and earth, and resound through the skies! Resound through the skies! Resound through the skies!

1. The sound is so penetrating that people can neither escape it nor hide from it, nor hide from it. Flashes of lightning and the peal of thunder are sent forth, upending heaven and earth in an instant, and people are on the verge of death, on the verge of death. Then, a violent rainstorm sweeps the entire cosmos at lightning speed, falling from the sky, falling from the sky! Peals of thunder, like the chilly gleam of flashes of lightning, make men tremble with fear! Double-edged sword strikes down the sons of rebellion. Double-edged sword strikes down the sons of rebellion. When the thunder sounds, waves of wailing break out. Some are awakened from their slumber, and, greatly alarmed, they search deep in their souls, they search deep in their souls and rush back before the throne. They cease tricking and deceiving and committing crimes, and it is not too late for such people to be awakened.

2. God watches from the throne. He looks deep into the hearts of people. He saves those who earnestly desire Him, and He takes pity on them. God will save into eternity those who love Him in their hearts more than all else, those who understand His will, and who follow Him to the end of the road! The judgment of the great white throne is publicly revealed to the masses and it is announced to all people that judgment has commenced! It is beyond doubt that all those whose words are not heartfelt, those who feel uncertain and dare not to be serious, those who idle away the time, who understand God’s wishes but are unwilling to put them into practice, they must be judged, they must be judged. From the throne to the ends of the entire universe, the seven thunders echo. A large group of people will be saved and submit before God’s throne, submit before God’s throne.

3. Following this light of life, people seek for a means to survive and they are not able to help themselves but come to God, to kneel down in worship, their mouths call out the name of the true almighty God. Let those at the ends of the earth see that God is righteous, God is faithful, God is love and compassion, God is majesty and raging fire, and ultimately God is merciless judgment, merciless judgment. All men are sincerely convinced and none dare to resist God again, to judge God or slander God again, to judge God or slander God again. Make known to the ends of the universe, so that each and every person knows. Almighty God is the one true God. All nations and peoples will submit before Him for all of eternity! For all of eternity! For all of eternity!

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

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