279 May We All Be Able to Know God’s Loveliness

1. May God enlighten us, so that we can all know His loveliness, love our God in the depths of our hearts, and express the love all of us have for God in different positions; may God bestow upon us unswerving hearts of sincere love for Him—this is the will of God, and is what God hopes for. We brothers and sisters living in this land of filth have been badly afflicted by the great red dragon, so we have developed a hatred for it. It hinders our love for God and entices our greediness for our future prospects.

2. It tempts us to be negative, to resist God. It has been the great red dragon that has deceived us, corrupted us, and ravaged us until now, to the point that we are unable to repay God’s love with our hearts. We have the drive in our hearts but in spite of ourselves, in spite of ourselves, we are powerless. All of us are its victims. For this reason, we hate it from our very core, but we have to wait for God to destroy it. We who love God should set our hearts on carrying out His will. This is the path that we should walk. It is how we should spend our lives. Our goal should be to carry out God’s will and thus live out a life full of meaning and brilliance. In this, we will be able to die without regrets, with a heart full of gratification. Are you someone with that kind of resolution? Are you someone with that kind of resolution?

from “The Path … (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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