285 God’s Love for Mankind Is Real

1. God’s love for mankind is mainly manifest in His work while in the flesh, personally saving people, speaking face to face with people, and living among people without being distant in the slightest degree, without pretense, but being true.

2. He saves people to the extent that He was able to become flesh and pass through years of pain with people in the world, all because of His love and pity on mankind, all because of His love and pity on mankind.

3. God’s love for mankind has no conditions or demands. What does He receive from mankind? People are cold toward God. Who is able to treat God as God? People don’t even give God any comfort, even to this day God has not received love from people. God only gives selflessly, gives selflessly.

from “Do You Understand God’s Love for Mankind?” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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