288 Has God Truly Become Your Life

1. People often say that they let God be their life, yet they haven’t reached that stage now, and they only say that God is their life, that as He guides them every day and they eat and drink of His words and pray to Him every day, He becomes their life. People who say these words have too shallow an understanding.

2. Many people do not have a foundation within yet; God’s words have been planted inside of them, but have yet to sprout, and certainly haven’t borne fruit. What stage have you arrived at? You feel you can’t leave God because God has forced you to arrive at the stage where you are now. One day when you reach a level, you will not be able to leave God even if He asks you to, you will have the perpetual feeling that God not being inside you is unacceptable, and you can do without your husband or wife, children, family, parents, or the enjoyments of the flesh, but you cannot do without God.

3. If you don’t have God, it’s as if your life has been snatched away, and you can’t live without God. When you reach this point, you’ve succeeded in believing in God; God has become your life and your foundation for survival, and you won’t be able to leave God, won’t be able to leave God. When you reach this stage, then you’ve really enjoyed God’s love. When your relations with God become intimate to a point where God is your life and God is your love, then at that time you’ll pray to God and say: “God! It’s now impossible for me to leave You. You are my life, and I can do without everything else, but without You there’s no way for me to continue living.”

4. You must continue until you feel God is your life and that if God is taken away, your life has been snatched away; until you feel that God is your life and you have no way to leave God. In this way you have really experienced God, and if at such a point you try to love God, this will be true love, a singular, pure love, a singular, pure love.

5. One day when your life has reached a point, in your praying to God and eating and drinking of His words, you will be unable to leave God inside, and cannot forget Him even if you want. God will become your life, and although it will be possible to forget the world, forget your wife or your children, if you are asked to forget God this will be difficult, and this will be impossible—this is your true life, and this is true love for God.

6. When you reach a stage in your love for God where nothing surpasses your love for God, and loving God is first and foremost, you will be capable of forsaking everything, and will be willing to accept all of God’s dealing and pruning. If you really love God more than you love everything else, then you will be living in reality, and living in God’s love, living in God’s love, living in God’s love.

from “Those Who Love God Will Live Forever in God’s Light” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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