296 Almighty God the First and the Last

1. From the East to the West, let the whole earth shout for joy to God. A glorious, honorable holy name has been testified and proclaimed everywhere. Almighty God has been incarnated. You have gained the kingdom and descended to earth. You have rebuilt, rebuilt Zion and appeared in glory. All the saints rejoice in this name all day long, praising and singing for God’s salvation. Almighty God has reigned. He is robed in majesty, He speaks in righteousness, righteousness, mighty to save, and He loves justice and establishes equity. God’s kingdom will never be shaken.

2. From the rising to the setting of the sun, God’s glory is shining forth. We, we sing new songs to Almighty God, to Almighty God, for You have done marvelous things. By Your word You have conquered mankind, defeated all the enemies, saved those predestined and selected by You, and brought them into the new heaven and new earth.

All peoples have seen, seen Your glory. How majestic is Your holy name in the whole earth, in the whole earth! All peoples, shout for joy to God, praise God, praise God, and sing to God with the voice of triumph! God has overcome completely.

3. Shout for joy, Mount Zion! God has fully gained glory, the last Christ has reigned, and God has come to, come to Zion. Almighty God is worthy of glory, Almighty God is worthy of praise. You have opened, opened the scroll and broken the seven seals, broken the seven seals, speaking to us, to us on Mount Zion, Zion. Your righteousness is shining out like the dawn, Your salvation like a blazing torch. Shout aloud for joy and sing together, coming, coming to Zion with praising. You are the Almighty, the First and the Last. Created beings praise You forever, praise You forever.

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