30 I’m So Happy to Have Gained God’s Love


In the last days God has expressed the truth, the way of eternal life.

Understanding the truth, I’m no longer perplexed and know the direction of life.

In my faith in the Lord I could not break free from the bondage of sin.

Today the judgment of God’s word allows me to be saved.

By experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement, I’ve seen God’s true love.

Obedience to God’s trials and refinements allows God to gain my heart.

Now I live out the likeness of man and finally receive God’s salvation.

Oh look, spring is everywhere and the flowers are blooming. My inner music rises up.

I sing out my heart’s love for God.


My heart is refreshed and my spirit is happy; God’s love encourages me.

When I eat and drink God’s words and fellowship about the truth, I feel enjoyment in my heart.

I practice God’s word and gain the truth, having a way to follow in everything.

Having completely broken away from the influence of Satan, I am free and released.

I’m so happy to have gained God’s love. I’m the most joyful person.

God’s love fills my heart; it’s so pleasant to enjoy God’s love.

I’ll perform my duty properly and let God be comforted earlier.

The truth frees man and allows him to live before God all his life.

He who loves God is the happiest man.


Almighty God! It’s You who have given me the happy life.

I’m free from the corrupt, fallen and empty life.

God’s will is for man to live in His word.

He who follows God’s word and receives His approval will be blessed by God.

God’s salvation is so great and I can never finish telling about it.

Almighty God, I will love You forever!

Your love has conquered my heart and I will never depart from You.

I know You face to face and my heart completely belongs to You.

I’ll love and praise You forever. I’ll love and praise You forever.

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