31 Be Ones God Is Satisfied With


Let us all be ones who obey God.

I will do whatever God’s word says.

However God manipulates I will have no complaints,

And stand in the position of a created being to perform my duty properly.


Let us not be ones who disobey and resist God,

Not measure God’s work by religious doctrines,

No longer analyze or research God’s normalness and practicalness or have notions about it,

And no longer pursue supernatural and vague things while putting the practical God aside.


Let us all be ones who are faithful for God,

Hold on to God’s commission absolutely and complete it with all our heart,

Stand on the side of the truth at any time,

Act not by emotions but practice God’s word, and stand the testimony to satisfy God.


Let us not be ones who follow foolishly,

No longer pursue to receive blessings or seek anything for ourselves,

Not do things of betraying the truth and offending God against conscience,

And not join with the wicked to disturb the church life.


Let us all be upright and honest ones,

Do things aboveboard that can be brought before God,

Speak honestly and accurately to be trustworthy,

And be candid-hearted and simple and open so as to be ones loved by God.


Let us not be crooked and crafty ones,

Not do things furtively, speak hesitantly,

Live by philosophies of life and play petty cleverness,

Or toady and veer with the wind having no truth at all.


Let us all be ones who pursue to know God,

Have a heart of fearing God in everything,

Seek the truth and touch God’s will and know how to care for God’s heart,

And forever live in God’s word so as to know God.


Let us all be ones who have a normal humanity,

Live out the standard of humanity according to God’s requirements,

Having not only conscience but also sense and insight,

And live out the likeness of man to satisfy God’s heart.


Let us all pursue to be ones who love God,

Be simple and open to God and turn our heart completely to God,

Know how to experience God’s work, do our utmost to cooperate in God’s requirements,

Be of one heart with God, and be ones God is satisfied with.

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