310 How Happy to Live in God’s Family


Having been judged, we become who we are and live before God.

Beyond happiness and enjoyment, we are full of faith.

We cast off our flesh and family and the influence of darkness.

Entering the realm of God’s word, we have a happy life.

God is pleased that we live before Him by His word.

We have no hypocrisy, philosophy of life, or flesh.

Our association is principled, and God’s word has become the reality of life.

Without regulations and doctrines, we live in a world of freedom.


Today our gathering in God’s family is full of joy and laughter.

We are innocent and open and talk heartily, no longer estranged.

Let’s compare our hearts of loving God and sing our most beautiful song

to express lofty sentiments. Tomorrow’s life will be better.

Living in God’s family, we are rich beyond compare.

We understand the truth, have principles, and live in God’s love.

Experiencing God’s work and enjoying God’s word,

I’ve known the practical God. My life is so joyful.

My life is so joyful. My life is so joyful.

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