319 Thinking of Past Misery and Present Happiness, I Love God More


Practical God, please listen to me.

When I think of the past, tears run down my cheeks.

My heart was dark without any light, and my past life was hopeless.

With nowhere to pour out the miseries of life, I had to grin and bear them.

How could I not feel grieved?

Practical God, listen to me. It pains me to recall the past.

Satan the devil afflicted me, and made me corrupt and fallen.

Your word has illuminated me and led me out of darkness.

True God, true God! My heart has fallen in love with You.


Practical God, I love You. Your love has come upon me.

I’m a most corrupt and lowly person, but You have graced me to be one of Your people.

God, God! I’m unworthy to be exalted by You and enjoy Your great love.

I call out from the bottom of my heart, My God, You have saved me.

Practical God, I love You. Your great love for me is too much for words.

I’ve enjoyed Your words, but I fail to live out the reality of them.

God, God! I can’t disobey and grieve You anymore.

I will go all out to pursue the truth and satisfy Your heart.


Practical God, I love You. Holding Your words, I have tears in my eyes.

My gratitude can’t be fully expressed; I can’t put it into words and feel anxious in my heart.

God, God! You know my heart. Please enlighten and illuminate me.

So I can understand Your will and practice the truth to satisfy You.

Practical God, You speak in earnest and exert painstaking care for us.

I have experienced chastisement, judgment, suffering, and refinement, and my will to love You becomes stronger.

God, God! Your love for us is so deep; we can’t fail You.

Never shall I go against Your will, I will love You forever.

Never shall I go against Your will, I will love You forever.

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